Joint Statement on the 75th Anniversary of the End of the Second World War

Co-signed by the foreign ministers of a bunch of Eastern European states, including Hitler’s one-time allies Hungary, Bulgaria, and Romania, the following statement of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo appeared on the website of the US State Department yesterday, to mark the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War. Nazi Germany gets one brief mention. Thereafter, as you will see, it’s all ‘The Soviets were evil, the Soviets were evil’. To say the least it’s a very odd way of commemorating WW2. Just who does the State Department think was the enemy?

Best of all, stuffed in the middle is a complaint about ‘a regrettable effort to falsify history’. Go figure!


The following is a joint statement by the U. S. Secretary of State and the Foreign Ministers of Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia.

Begin text:

Marking the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War in 2020, we pay tribute to the victims and to all soldiers who fought to defeat Nazi Germany and put an end to the Holocaust.

While May 1945 brought the end of the Second World War in Europe, it did not bring freedom to all of Europe. The central and eastern part of the continent remained under the rule of communist regimes for almost 50 years. The Baltic States were illegally occupied and annexed and the iron grip over the other captive nations was enforced by the Soviet Union using overwhelming military force, repression, and ideological control.

For many decades, numerous Europeans from the central and eastern part of the continent sacrificed their lives striving for freedom, as millions were deprived of their rights and fundamental freedoms, subjected to torture and forced displacement. Societies behind the Iron Curtain desperately sought a path to democracy and independence.

The events of 1956, creation and activities of the Charter 77, the Solidarity movement, the Baltic Way, the Autumn of Nations of 1989, and the collapse of the Berlin Wall were important milestones which contributed decisively to the recreation of freedom and democracy in Europe.

Today, we are working together toward a strong and free Europe, where human rights, democracy and the rule of law prevail. The future should be based on the facts of history and justice for the victims of totalitarian regimes. We are ready for dialogue with all those interested in pursuing these principles. Manipulating the historical events that led to the Second World War and to the division of Europe in the aftermath of the war constitutes a regrettable effort to falsify history.

We would like to remind all members of the international community that lasting international security, stability and peace requires genuine and continuous adherence to international law and norms, including the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all states.  By learning the cruel lessons of the Second World War, we call on the international community to join us in firmly rejecting the concept of spheres of influence and insisting on equality of all sovereign nations.

End text.

23 thoughts on “Joint Statement on the 75th Anniversary of the End of the Second World War”

  1. So this is how the 26 million Soviet war dead are commemorated, at least within a certain sphere of influence, which of course doesn’t exist, because all these worthy foreign ministers have signed a statement saying they reject the concept.
    It seems they were commemorating the start of the Cold War, not the end of World War Two. Were they told that? Just wondering.

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  2. I’m no Pompeo fan. We should be able to walk and chew gum at the same time by noting the:

    – Western actions relative to Czechoslovakia in 1938 that clearly encouraged the Molotov-Ribbentrop arrangement

    – considerable Soviet contribution in defeating Nazi Germany

    – following WW II, the Warsaw Pact countries along with Albania (which left the Warsaw Pact) and Yugoslavia had noticeable human rights issues.


  3. Why not print the statement from Germany
    It is a brilliant repost to those countries above who seek to rewrite history.

    Nuremberg settles that Germany was the aggressor.

    Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia should hang their heads in shame. How absolutely disgusting

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    1. Managed to find this as well:

      Autographs of Victory | THE DAY OF VICTORY AGAINST FASCISM – wartime graffiti left by Soviet soldiers in the Reichstag.

      It’s actually good that at this point at least Germany officially preserves the memory of what was. I guess enough Germans still remember the truth, as more of them were touched by the most brutal war this human civilization ever knew.

      Meantime others, for political gain and just because they serve the darkness, are trying with all their might to re-write history.


  4. Re:

    As per the aforementioned Vlasov and the ROA (POA), this piece which first appeared at a Russian based venue:

    On a WW II issue that has been used to bash Russia:

    Includes a good point-counterpoint comments thread.


  5. Hyenas gather in a pack. It’s statement clearly not to commemorate 75th anniversary of V-Day, it’s a anti-Russian, anti-Communist statement of defeated Nazi Germany and former Hitler satellites, member of anti-Soviet European coalition of 1933-1945. This statement, in-fact declaration, based on cowardice and it full of hatred of the losers, aimed against Russia and China

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  6. For today’s anniversary. For the Westerners:

    “May 8th. Europe mourns.

    “Today, a gloomy Europe mourns. Her grief is immense and deep, like all the oceans of the world.

    “70 years ago, she buried her greatest hope, the most beloved child – fascism.

    “She buried it, but she remembers, she is afraid, but she still remembers and wants revenge. If you gonna say, that they grieve for those who died in that war, well, of course. But Europe mourns for her cubs, who could not topple the colossus on the clay feet, and instead that colossus trampled most of them, he instilled fear in their hearts, which for a long time would make the well-fed ample bodied burgher wake up in sweat.

    “Fortunately, the brave Yankees, well stocked with diapers, do not lose the hope of revenge on their battered sister. They also participated in the act of conceiving and feeding of this child, and then, for the sake of appearance, they even did beat him in order to gleam out at least something capable of life, and then, after healing, sent to avenge the scolded honor of the family. Not many people realize that the Yankees were beating the Germans because the later screwed up. Failed to fulfill the greatest hope of the century, dem bitches.


    “The experience of forgetting is truly a European feature, with the help of which Europe looks neat even standing waist-deep in the blood of innocent people, she’s just like that. She just tries not to remember that the blood of the murdered natives flows through the walls of all her palaces, she just turned gray from time to time, and in places she is simply painted over with fresh paint. The Ukraine plans to do likewise, if it survives, or at least some of the carriers of this idea.

    “They believe that they will be helped, and they will win. It is unlikely that anyone will discourage and dissuade them – the honor of the entire fascist world is at stake, no less. To do this, they will even invite Banderites and politzais to the celebration of the Victory, and they will also tell everyone that it is their holiday, the holiday of the Nazis, the scum and leftovers – but not the holiday of the mythical Red Army at all. And the true Ukrainians will believe them… Think I’m exaggerating? Then look around. They are already readying these fat herds of lambs for a new sacrifice in honor of developed European fascism.

    “I have never trusted Europe and America for the same reason I won’t trust a dog that grew accustomed to eat human flesh. But it doesn’t matter, it is important that the Ukrainians trust them.

    “Happy holiday of sorrow (according to the deceased European fascists). People today are remembered just pro the sake of the appearances, but in truth they grieve for the fascists. Therefore, the day is sad and dull. The new symbol (stylized poppy) looks like a torn faggot’s ass after the mating. How very European, right in the corner of our Ukrainian TV screen. Sorry for such a picture.

    “There is no hatred in me at something which is worthy only of contempt.”

    blogpost on the site of the Ukrainian journalist Oles Buzina (murdered by the Ukrainian neo-Nazis on 16 April 2015 with silent approval of the “civilized West”).


    1. Part 3. About memory. What had been written by the Soviet soldiers on the walls of the fallen Reichstag:

      Top: “Hanses and Fritzes! You will never forget that! And if the need arises, we will come again!”

      Bottom: “For the air-raids on Moscow. For the shelling of Leningrad. For Tikhvin and Stalingrad. Remember and never forget. Otherwise we can repeat”

      This simple message (“а то можем повторить”) is what triggers enemies of Russia, both internal and external. Because, deep down, they know that there indeed are reasons for Russia to repeat that.


  7. Well, what can you expect from a Red-baiting war-mongerer like Pompeo? He is basically spewing the Nazi/Baltic Party Line.

    Meanwhile, decent people around the world will celebrate Victory Day in their own way. The hyena barks, but the caravan moves on.


  8. I honestly fail to see the point of copy-pasting this statement in its entirety here. It’s getting far more attention than it deserves already. There is a great Russian saying re. such things: if you don’t touch the shit, it won’t stink as much.


  9. Do ‘the communicative’ interventions, so to speak, achieve ‘the political objectives’ of Trump and/or his administration?

    Or is this evidence that the blob, the Borg, the Swamp by now clearly recognizably the Democratic Party is/are obstructing and hindering Trump to … cynically speaking lean over and come to terms with Russia ….

    To then offer Russia a helping hand against those evil Chinese, Cuban, Venezuelans …?


  10. It’s rude, though, to speak ill of the dead, even though not many will miss Pompeo. He was crushed to death this morning when an entire pallet of Krispy-Kreme doughnuts fell on him as he was trying to wiggle a doughnut out of the bottom-corner box. His remains are to be interred at Arlington, where 8 previous graves were exhumed and moved to make room for him.

    Okay, I made that up, and he is unfortunately still up and waddling around, spouting his exceptionalist platitudes. But really, what did anyone expect? The United States staked out Russia as the designated enemy and whipping-boy during the Obama administration; this has been running for years. Every Russia story written by the American media is a catalogue of failures and aberrant behavior, and it seems to be solely for meanness, because the USA would not dare actually start a war with Russia. Therefore its efforts to bait Russia and get a reaction out of it so the country can giggle with delight rise to nothing more than talking smack, like trying to throw the pitcher off his concentration at a baseball game by listing his wife’s infidelities.

    The USA has plenty of its own problems, including but not limited to the three trillion in new debt it intends to issue this quarter. It has gone long past the point where it could money-print its way out of a crisis, and now is just issuing instruments of increasingly-useless paper. The energy sector has collapsed except for the giants, a new trade war with China is looming, and America’s options are steadily narrowing. Its sickening rudeness on this occasion is just another example of its terminal decline.


    1. Regarding Pomeo’s death, you had me fooled there (had to look up “Pomeo Krispy Kreme” on DuckDuckGo) until I saw your second paragraph. Well played, Mr. Chapman.

      [the USA] has gone long past the point where it could money-print its way out of a crisis, and now is just issuing instruments of increasingly-useless paper.

      And paper that is so monochromatic that it is difficult to tell one denomination from another at a distance, unlike the color-coded banknotes of the currencies of almost every other country in the world, such as euros, yuan, rubles, francs, pounds, and Canadian dollars. American Exceptionalism™ indeed!


  11. The United States has become a disgusting country and this statement, framed with the collaboration of their eastern European running dogs, is a reflection of it. The United States is a war-mongering, imperialist power that seeks to dominate all that it sees.

    Russia is hated by the ruling class of the United States because of its size, its military power and its geographical situation. It is hated because it resists the debauchery of western liberalism, because it has restored the authority of Orthodox Christianity and because it wishes to preserve its economic and cultural sovereignty.

    There is nothing the Russians can do about it unless they are prepared to submit and allow their country to be subjugated and dissolved. The best thing is to wait it out; the United States is a weakening, degenerate nation. Its days at the top are numbered.


    1. “ Russia is hated by the ruling class of the United States because of its size, its military power and its geographical situation.”

      That’s only the start. Gorby submitted to being swindled on the “No one inch East” thing for NATO expansion, and Yeltsin’s abject submission on everything else, conditioned Western plutocrats that they had Russia in the palm of their hand. Russia’s domestic oligarchs stripped assets shamelessly, & offshored the proceeds into the West’s shadow banking system.

      This not only put Russia’s wealth in Western hands, but it permanently diminished Russia economically & demographically. A real “Two-fer “ for Western plutocrats.

      Fundamentally, the Western plutocracies hate Putin, because he ruined their little game described above by jailing Khodorkovsky & exiling four of the other “Seven bankers”, who refused to agree to submit to taxation & to stay out of politics. That vastly diminished the flow of assets out of Russia & into the West’s shadow banking system. But it gets worse for Western plutocrats. The worst thing Putin did to them was setting an example, of a government defying the power of money, and decisively winning.

      That’s why Western plutocrats and the governments & media they own, are incandescent with hatred for Putin and Russia.


  12. Thank you for bringing our attention to this Professor. I was more than a little nauseous reading it for any number of reasons. It is like reading a bunch of Vichy collaborators complaining at how harsh post-war justice was and that their rights were violated. I guess the only acceptable anti-Communism nowadays is rabid, fantasy based anti-Communism divorced from any facts or nuance.


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