Russian Conservatism (Northern Illinois Press, 2019).

russian conservatism cover

Grand Duke Nikolai Nikolaevich: Supreme Commander of the Russian Army (Northern Illinois Press, 2014)

grand duke

When Soldiers Say No: Selective Conscientious Objection in the Modern Military (Ashgate, 2014)


Aiding Afghanistan: A History of Soviet Assistance to a Developing Country (Hurst, 2013)


Ethics Education for Irregular Warfare (Ashgate, 2009)


Ethics Education in the Military (Ashgate, 2008)

ethics ed1

Dictionary of International Security (Polity, 2008)


Military Honour and the Conduct of War: From Ancient Greece to Iraq (Routledge, 2006)


Perspectives on EU-Russia Relations (Routledge, 2005)


Doing Less with Less: Making Britain More Secure (Imprint Academic, 2005)


Just War in Comparative Perspective (Ashgate, 2003)

just war

The White Russian Army in Exile, 1920-1941 (Clarendon Press, 2002)


10 thoughts on “Books”

  1. Paul Robinson writes like a young scholar still seeking tenure, or an old scholar who desperately wants to prove he is still “in the game.” A shame really. Above he lists ten books he has written. In what time frame? The last year or two? Such a plunge, it seems, for what?… for a cheap, egocentric rush for publicity? One wonders. I write as someone touched by his criticism of IMPERIAL GAMBLE, my new book. He lit into it, foolishly, pathetically. This website deserves better.


    1. The books span from 2002-2013, not sure where you got your 2 year time frame from. Also, there’s no indication about how long these books have been in the making. Some people shelve their ideas and work at them over a lengthy span of time.


    2. Marvin,

      Your critique is pathetic! You admit you’re just getting back at Paul because you didn’t like his review of your book. Pretty petty for an aged man.


    1. Thanks for pointing that out. It is because the publisher, Ashgate, was taken over by Routledge, so the Ashgate website doesn’t exist anymore. I have update it and the other Ashgate books with links to the books on Amazon, which allows ‘Look Inside’.


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