Status Anxiety

As of 1 July, I am officially on sabbatical for a year. I had hoped to use this to engage in some historical research concerning Imperial Russia. I still will, but I’m reluctant to go too deep into it as it’s not at all clear when it will be possible once again to go to Russia and spend many months delving in the archives. In my post of 23 February, I spoke of returning to “being a historian safely digging in the archives of the past.” Sadly, that objective may not be possible!

Anyway, the present keeps summoning me back, and I have penned another piece for Canadian Dimension, this one titled “Status Anxiety and the War in Ukraine.” In it, I return to the topic of a book I wrote some 15 years ago: honour. You may read it here.

Perhaps at some point I’ll use some of my sabbatical time to revamping the blog, but as yet that is undecided. I would like to wait until the war in Ukraine is over, but I fear that could be a very long time.

As always, comments are welcome.