Sticking my head out again

Hello all,

Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, I rejected all requests from the media for comments for about a month, but as some readers have noticed, I have now begun to gradually stick out my head again. I still have no intention for now of writing fresh blog posts, but as this site exists, it struck me that it would make sense to use it as a place to provide links to things that I have written and said elsewhere. So henceforth I will very occasionally do so. Should blogging ever resume, it will not be until the site undergoes a complete facelift to differentiate the old from the new. I doubt, though, that that will happen while the war in Ukraine continues.

Anyway, as has been noticed in the comments section, I produced a piece entitled ‘Russia at a turning point’ for the ’Canadian Dimension’ magazine. You can read it here.

I am also quoted on multiple occasions in a piece in the National Post from couple of weeks ago, here.

Finally, as regards written stuff, the Institute of Arts and Ideas asked me to pen a piece on the ’Putin, Dugin, Ilyin, fascism’ nonsense, a topic I have covered several times on this blog. Most of it is stuff I have said before, but updated due to the fact that the ’fascism’ story has been doing the rounds again recently. You can read my piece here.

Beyond that, I did an hour-long interview for TNT Radio with Hrovje Moric, which you can listen to here.

And finally, I participated in a debate on TVO in Canada on ’The Agenda with Steve Paikin’. You can watch it here:

Happy reading, listening, and viewing.