2 thoughts on “Belarusian Impasse”

  1. Sorry to repeat comment from previous post, but I think it is important for everybody to know the actual political platform of the Belorussian Opps. I found this on Stalker Zone, zmagar program is clearly a direct calque from the Ukrainian Banderites and jumps the shark right from get-go, before they even have the shark:

    “The situation both inside the country and around it is developing in an unfavourable way for the national interests of Belarus. The main threats to national security are caused by the growing aggressiveness of the Kremlin’s foreign policy, Belarus’ participation in post-Soviet integration projects under the aegis of Russia, the dominance of Russian media in the information space of Belarus, and the low level of national consciousness of Belarusians.”
    “Priority measures (until 2021). in the political sphere:

    Withdrawal from the ‘Union State’, the Eurasian Union, the Customs Union, and other integration entities where Russia dominates;
    Ban pro-Russian organisations whose activities are contrary to national interests, as well as Russian foundations and organisations that finance such structures;
    Introduction of criminal liability for public statements that challenge the existence of a separate Belarusian nation and/or its historical right to its own state. Introduction of criminal liability for public insults to the Belarusian language;
    Civic society monitoring of pro-Kremlin initiatives in Belarus;
    Implementation of border and customs control at the border with Russia”.
    “Returning the Belarusian language to the status of the only state language, guaranteeing the rights of national minorities to education and cultural activities in their native language;
    Development and implementation of administrative and financial measures to stimulate Belarusian-language media, book publishing, and cultural life. Return of state surcharges for training and education in the Belarusian language in pre school secondary and higher educational institutions;
    Conduct the comprehensive de-communisation and de-Sovietisation of Belarus;
    The Belarusisation of the religious life of all Christian denominations and other religions;
    The Belarusisation of the education system at all levels and forms”.


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