New Cold War speech

Marie Krarup has posted videos of the speeches given at the conference in Denmark on ‘The New Cold War’ on Facebook. You can watch them here:

My own speech is here:



10 thoughts on “New Cold War speech”

  1. Am I the only one wondering what is on the leftmost painting – two hands in the sky and some… “knight”, I guess, protecting a baby?


  2. Professor Robinson–would it be possible to obtain a copy of the student’s Phd. thesis you referred to in your talk? I would be happy to pay any cost associated with obtaining a copy. Thank you.


      1. Yes think I would. Facinating research—with much of having to be done in Russian. Very relevant!!!


  3. Great speech, Professor! I also got a chance to watch/read all the speeches. Too bad there was no video link to the Q&A segment because it would be nice to listen to both the questions and the answers. I agree with Sylvia. It would be interesting to read the PhD student’s dissertation (even if it is in French). I would be happy to give you my email in private if the student prefers it not to be published on the blog or elsewhere.


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