Fascists in Ottawa. None in Kiev!

Writing about Kazakhstan a short while ago, I remarked on the hypocrisy of many who seemed very happy to support what I disparagingly called “the mob” when it’s rampaging through the streets of countries they don’t like but get mega upset when it happens at home. Masses demonstrating on the street and occupying squares and buildings are “democracy” when they happen elsewhere but “anti-democratic” when they happen at home. As I wrote, “The thing is that all those complaining about the efforts to restore order in Kazakhstan aren’t too fond of the mob either, at least when it starts attacking things that they like.”

Well, it’s good to be proven true.

A week ago, the “mob” turned up here in Ottawa and our liberal intelligentsia is none too happy about it. Mob is perhaps the wrong word, as the truckers and their supporters who have been occupying downtown Ottawa for 8 days to protest against vaccine mandates aren’t marauding around the city, but sitting in more or less one place, in a more or less orderly fashion. But they are illegally occupying a large chunk of real estate in the centre of our capital city, and there are occasional stories of them harassing locals, misbehaving around the war memorial, and shouting extremist slogans. In addition, a couple of crazies briefly flew in one instance a Nazi flag and in another a Confederate battle flag, though those now seem to have disappeared. If this were somewhere in Eastern Europe, we’d be having headlines wondering if this was the start of a new “colour revolution.”

Let’s be frank here. I have no truck with the protestors. For sure, we’re all fed up with covid-related restrictions and would like it all to be over. But I really don’t understand the anti-vax stuff. How much trouble is it really to get a jab in the arm? Certainly a lot less than hanging around in a truck in the freezing temperatures of Ottawa for days on end. And besides, even if you don’t like vaccine mandates, that’s no reason to occupy our capital, illegally park your vehicles, harass locals and the like. Maybe it’s because I’m deeply reactionary, but unless it’s some sort of counter-revolution against an illegal usurpation of power, I’m not a fan of this sort of street protest against recognized authority, democratic or not.

That said, the trucker protest doesn’t really affect me, so I’m not getting too upset. I’m against it; it’s annoying; but life goes on. However, the same could not be said for much of Ottawa’s liberal intelligentsia, at least judging by their reactions on Twitter, Facebook, and their various blogs. The protest, in their eyes, is an abomination – racist, fascist, sexist, homophobic, you mention it-ist. The Ottawa police are weak and pathetic, having failed to do anything about it, allowing these revolting truckers to settle in unopposed rather than taking firm action to break up the protest. Something needs to be done and done now. This can’t be allowed to continue. It’s an affront to all that we hold dear. Send in the army. Tow away the trucks. Arrest those responsible.

It was interesting, therefore, to read a piece published yesterday by Alex Neve, one time head of Amnesty International in Ottawa, and now a Senior Fellow of my own Graduate School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Ottawa. Neve puts forward what he calls the “human rights case for ending the siege in downtown Ottawa.” While people do have a right to express their views, he argues, this is decidedly limited. The truckers’ protest has gone far beyond what is acceptable, and

“has rapidly become a source of extreme inconvenience and frustration at the very least, and increasingly of incidents of racism, homophobia and transphobia, misogyny, fear, and very serious physical and mental health harm from the hate-filled messages on flags and protest signs, encounters with angry protestors, incessant blaring of high-decibel truck horns, impact of diesel fumes, and helpless sense people have of being abandoned and trapped in their homes. Additionally, large numbers of businesses, small and large, have been left with no choice but to close or scale back their operations.”

Neve goes on:

“It is time for police to take human rights action to uphold human rights. There is no unqualified right to protest that gives freedom to wave flags, chant slogans or make threats that are racist, misogynist or direct hate at the LGBTQ+ community. There is no time-unlimited right to snarl and obstruct residential streets … no unbridled right to ceaselessly blare horns … no unrestricted right to have vehicles idle in those streets for hours at a time, spewing noxious diesel and other fumes … There is no unqualified right to deface, desecrate or vandalize public or private property. And there is absolutely no right to be violent or threaten violence towards others.

All of which is, of course, completely true. But I couldn’t help but wonder what Neve’s former employers, Amnesty International, had had to say eight years ago when a whole group of people occupied downtown Kiev for several months, causing “extreme inconvenience,” waving “hate-filled message on flags and protest signs,” including a fair number of outright fascist symbols, “spewing noxious fumes” from their burning tyres, and most definitely being “violent or threatening violence towards others.”

Well, as at it happens, back then Amnesty had a rather different view about the limits that should be imposed on the right to protest. In a December 2013 report denouncing human rights abuses by the Ukrainian authorities against the Maidan protestors, Amnesty declared that,

“International standards permit states to place certain restrictions on the exercise of the right to freedom of peaceful assembly, but any such restriction must be provided by law, and is only permissible if it is demonstrably necessary and proportionate for the protection of national security or public safety, public order, public health or morals, or protection of the rights and freedoms of others. The European Court of Human Rights has underlined that this means there must be a “pressing social need” for such restrictions.”

The reasons given by the Ukrainian authorities for trying to forcibly end the protests in Kiev and elsewhere did not “pass the test of being a ‘pressing social need’,” said Amnesty. The actions taken by the government against the demonstrators were therefore unjustifiable and a breach of their human rights.

So let’s get this straight. A so-far peaceful protest in downtown Ottawa in pursuit of a very narrow and limited political goal, in which some streets have been illegally occupied but not any buildings, and in which maybe a couple of fascist flags have been briefly observed, and there’s been a few complaints of verbal abuse and “desecration” of public monuments, goes far beyond what is permitted under the right to protest and is such a breach of the human rights of the locals that the police must step in and end it right now. By contrast, there was no “pressing social need” to suppress a much longer lasting demonstration in Kiev, in which protestors seized buildings, regularly attacked the police (as the Amnesty report admits), displayed fascist symbols in abundance, and sought nothing less than the overthrow of the state.

Am I stupid, or is something a little off there?

Supporters of the Ottawa truckers say that the presence of a small group of extremists in their midst shouldn’t be used to tarnish them all, as they are mostly normal, decent folk. Their opponents, however, say that any number of racists and fascists is too many, that we can’t allow this sort of imagery; besides, the fact that the truckers tolerate such people thoroughly taints them and their cause.

But oddly, if you dare to point out fascists in Ukraine you’re told that such people are a small minority, that most of those on Maidan, and then supporting the post-Maidan government, were normal, decent, democratic folk, and you shouldn’t allow the presence of a “few extremists” to taint the “revolution of dignity” as a whole.

Now, if it were different people saying these different things, then it wouldn’t be a problem. But as we’ve seen with the case of Amnesty, it’s not. Nor is it in the case of Canada’s political elite, including the ruling Liberal Party. Fascists in Ukraine? That’s Russian disinformation, they tell us. When the mob attacked the police and toppled the government, they saw only democracy. But a bunch of truckers sitting around in Ottawa honking their horns – fascism! A threat to our most cherished values.


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  1. You are absolutely right.
    It is a commentary upon the ‘elite’s’ complete lack of self awareness, and of a cynicism generally associated with members of a far older profession than journalism, that -pens still warm from cheering for violent and professionalised riots in Hong Kong, Minsk, Kiev and elsewhere- they now call for the army to intervene in this rather silly event.
    See today’s Toronto Star.
    Of course it could be that, by neglecting it and refusing to supply it with any martyrs they understand that it quickly wither away, discrediting its organisers. Perhaps they wouldn’t want that.

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    1. “See today’s Toronto Star.”

      Well, the headline is somewhat encouraging: “Canada tries to build diplomatic bridges as war of words over Ukraine heats up”

      Until you read the article and see that the bridges they’re trying to build are between doubtful Europeans suspicious of American motives and American motives.


  2. “How much trouble is it really to get a jab in the arm? Certainly a lot less than hanging around in a truck in the freezing temperatures of Ottawa for days on end.”

    But isn’t it common nowadays that protests start for a seemingly minor reason, and then grow, and turn into movements. Take the yellow vests, for example. Or, wasn’t there a series of mass protests, bringing the government down, in Bulgaria because bus ticket prices had gone up?

    It seems to be the situation where ‘the upper classes unable’ and ‘the lower classes unwilling’, but there is no proper revolutionary organization to lead them.

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    1. Definite issue here:

      “But I really don’t understand the anti-vax stuff. How much trouble is it really to get a jab in the arm? Certainly a lot less than hanging around in a truck in the freezing temperatures of Ottawa for days on end.”


      Dunno the long term effects of that jab. From another era, starting at a young age, people would be given antibiotics for the common cold. Years later, this was found to be detrimental.

      First they said two shots of the Pfizer or Moderna. Then three and four for something that hasn’t been long term reviewed, on top of people developing health problems after taking it while not being cured of Covid.

      Yes, there’s a science in being reluctant to take the jab.

      How about promoting better health of the population in the form of better monitoring regulating indoor and outdoor air, as well as promoting a healthy diet and exercise?

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      1. “Yes, there’s a science in being reluctant to take the jab.”

        I understand, but certainly Paul has a point.

        One may be skeptical about the so-called ‘vaccine’, but since you’re being forced by the authorities to take it, you need to weigh your reluctance against the consequences of choosing to resist the authorities. Getting a jab seems like an easy choice.

        If you choose to resist the authorities, then, logically, it’s either because you expect terrible consequences for your health from getting a jab (which seems unjustified), or you’re a rebellious “live free or die” person (which is not common).

        But I suspect (not sure why, movies probably?) that there might be more “live free or die” anti-authority characters among the long-haul truck drivers. And others, once they see a few rebels leading, tend to join.


  3. As I have said here before and will continue to say, 6 January 2021 should have made all of us in the West well aware of what it must have felt like for lots of people in the post-Soviet space watching the scenes on their television in 2001 (Ukraine without Kuchma), 2004 (Orange Revolution), and especially in 2014 (Maidan) and 2022 (Kazakhstan) something wrenching, horrifying, wondering what comes next, dread and disgust.

    However the hypocrisy on display is evident I noted in Taras Kuzio whining about how Ivan Katchanovski ignores the connections of the Party of Regions to organised crime (he does not – albeit he does kind of glide over it), while himself ignoring how deeply steeped in organised crime pro-Maidan forces were. He also is outraged by what happened in February 2014 to protestors yet sees no contradiction in sending in troops with shoot to kill orders to stamp out the insurrection in the Donbass.

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    1. Difficult to escape the conclusion that Ukraine today is nothing more than an organised criminal syndicate in toto.

      (Always enjoy using that phrase. Manages to somewhat offset the distaste for mentioning Ukraine.

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    2. Wicked witch of the West, Good witch of the East, flying monkeys dressed as bolsheviks. Never could figure that one out, & either could McCarthy I guess. Maybe that was the point.


  4. I think this is a case where a Wikipedia article is worth citing:
    “while it could be partly a product of Big Brother’s formal brainwashing programs, the novel explicitly shows people learning doublethink and Newspeak due to peer pressure and a desire to “fit in,” or gain status”.


  5. “Let’s be frank here. I have no truck with the protestors.”


    As them kids call it nowadays, that’s a cringe, maestro Robinson.


  6. In so many words, our dear Professor yet again reformulated the intractable problem of moral philosophy – the so-called “Tragedy of Commonsense Morality”.

    Harvard’s Joshua Greene wrote a thick but incredibly thoughtful, witty and enjoyable book on the subject, titled “Moral Tribes: Emotion, Reason, and the Gap Between Us and Them”.

    I can’t recommend it enough. Just like Kahneman’s “Thinking, fast and slow”, it is a must read for anyone striving to understand why SO many people do SO many infuriatingly dumb things, SO often.


      1. It’a fun read!
        Btw Greene has a few things to say about honor; e.g. he reviews Cohen&Nisbett’s experiments on the southern “culture of honor”.


    1. DW is garbage. I heard one inquisitor journalist grilling a Russian analyst and stating as fact that there were never any assurances made to the Russians about NATO expansion. Typical yellow MSM journalism.


      1. DW English language Russia coverage is skewed for sure.

        CGTN America has exhibited slants going that way as well. This aspect seems to be on account of that network relying on Western journalists with prior backgrounds in Western mass media.


      2. Well, the problem is that the Grand Inquisitor Journalist may have framed it differently than most of us would prefer? For different reasons? Ignoring the discussion trails and concentrating on the result, in the agreed on document? Remember, at that point in time, the Warsaw Pact still existed. All that seemed to matter for Russia too may well have been no NATO troops on Eastern German soil. …???

        One of the German people involved, foreign minister Genscher was quite popular in Germany but apparently distrusted/disliked in/by the US. Since as liberal (FDP), more leaning towards still at the SPD position vs the position of his coalition partner at that point in time, the conservative CDU/CSU, which was closer to the US?

        You recall the name of the journalist?


      3. moon: “You recall the name of the journalist?”

        Tim Sebastian: ‘Conflict Zone”
        “Stakes are high over Ukraine crisis, but Putin is ‘not a gambler'”

        Reminds me of a scene from Arthur Miller’s ‘The Crucible’.


      4. Not that a signed agreement with Gorbachev or Yeltsin would have mattered anyway, just as a sale or a lease of Alaska would be irrelevant, since Russia with a footprint in North America (Soviet or not) would have never been tolerated in the long run (spheres of influence and such) and would have likely led to an inevitable occupation and/or war(s). Such is the festering sore NATO has created for itself. In that, its support of Ukraine (as another festering sore) is a perfectly logical continuation of its core behavior. As it stands now, either the West gains the wisdom to salve and heal one or both of these festering boils, allow them to erupt or wait for Russia to lance one or both. I’m no longer betting on the first.


      5. German media in general are boring as hell. Due to Germany’s historical baggage, they tiptoe around sensitive issues, especially when it comes to the Middle East and Israeli apartheid. Sure, casual anti-Russian and anti-Chinese racism are allowed, if that’s your thing.

        DW interviewed Ali Abunimah of Electronic Intifada a few months ago. But they got shocked when Ali actually told things as they are. So DW later apologized for having him on air and telling some truth about the plight of the Palestinians. Usual smears of antisemitism followed and a promise never to have Ali on DW again. Axel Springer has similar ‘qualities’. Why would anyone waste time on German media is beyond me. Freedom of speech is not a constitutionally protected right here.


      6. DW and German mass media in general have no problem bashing Serbs.

        Likening the Serbs to Nazis serves as a kind of moral diversion and false equivalency.


      7. Akos:
        Due to Germany’s historical baggage, they tiptoe around sensitive issues, especially when it comes to the Middle East and Israeli apartheid. Sure, casual anti-Russian and anti-Chinese racism are allowed, if that’s your thing.

        If I recall correctly, you once wrote you are that well-informed about us Germans since you live or work in Germany?

        I found the setting and selection of panelist’s in Anne Will’s Sunday talk show with Anne Applebaum (the US American and European citizen, as she puts it from the US) and Andrij Melnyk, the Ukrainian embassador in Germany, interesting.

        In a nutshell: We owe the Ukraine a lot, much more than we thus far provided, it is thus our moral duty to deliver the weapons on their wishlist. Never mind, 71%* of Germans disagree on doing exactly that. Why: After all, we killed much more Ukrainians than Russian in WWII.

        Anything by Red, Green, Purple (Linke) panelist’s you would consider casual anti-Russian racism?

        * That’s almost as many, as suffered from TDS, or simply disliked the guy.


  7. Those truckers are a lot smarter than any gullible guinea pig, rube, dupe, mark etc… who has volunteered to get injected with untested concoctions that a bunch of morons are calling ‘Vaxxes’ (whatever those are). Anyone who believes anything the ‘Five Eyes’ governments say probably wears slip-on loafers because they are too stupid to tie their shoes.


      1. I had the 3 jabs too, I had to do it, in order to keep my job. I’m still alive, and I had no side effects.
        On the other hand, last month I was deathly sick for about 2 weeks, the whole “rolling-cough” thing and extreme fatigue. I really thought I was gonna die. I wonder if it was Omicron, “leaking” through the vaccines. (Or maybe the vaccine was just a placebo?)
        I don’t know if it was Omicron for sure, because I didn’t go to get tested. Don’t know why anyone would go to get tested, unless forced to. Sometimes you just don’t want to know the truth because you just can’t handle the truth.

        So, I just stayed home (mostly), working from home, and got better on my own using the traditional Jewish medication of chicken soup. I made a strategic decision not to tell anyone I was sick, nor to go to my doctor. I knew in advance that she wouldn’t give me ivermectin or monoclonals or any other possible treatments, because they’re not allowed to, or they could lose their license. I know that for a fact. Not only that, about a year ago I overheard my doctor saying that she “trusted Dr. Fauci to the limit”. I wonder what that means. If Fauci told her to jump off a cliff, would she jump off a cliff?

        I know, I know, I should get a new doctor with a more inquiring mind, I’m just too lazy… And the chicken soup works too..


      2. ” I really thought I was gonna die…. don’t want to know the truth because you just can’t handle the truth.”

        Could have bereft you of potentially colorful tales? If I were you, overhearing my doctor saying something that irritated me, I would ask her. … 😉

        , because they’re not allowed to, or they could lose their license.

        Can we have a link concerning the underlying laws, regulations?


      3. moon, why do you test me like this – arggg!
        Give me some credit, I work at a hospital, so I imbibe the politics, I know what is allowed, and what is forbidden. We have to attend weekly propaganda zooms called “Town Halls”, so I know the drill.

        As for my private doctor, once I overheard her express her unconditional loyalty to Fauci, then I knew exactly which camp she was in. Therefore, when I believed I had contracted the disease, I knew better than to turn to her for help. I was pretty sure she would not agree to prescribe anything for me off-label. The Party Line is: You get vaxxed, there is nothing else, and then you either live, or you die. You only go to the hospital when you are ready to die. They intubate you, and then you die.

        moon, you live in Germany, so I don’t expect you to understand how things work here and just how shitty the healthcare system is. Even for somebody like me, who has a good employer-paid insurance. You are always trying to pinch me, I don’t know why, I have never done anything to you, but always been polite and respectful. And yet you are always trying to poke me for some reason…


      4. I live in a mask-free zone (Florida). Wear one, don’t wear one – your choice (even if the signs say please wear one, except for theaters where obligatory). No one hassles you either way and we all seem to tolerate one another. I have no idea what the infection rates are here. I personally lately switched to a KN95 mask in public indoors. Thankfully, I need not wear it all day. 15 minutes tops.


      5. Two Sputnik V injections for me after nearly 2 years of sticking to my principles of not having crap squirted int my system.

        I lived out in the sticks both past summers. Mayoral-decree-crazy Sobyanin had over-60s’ social cards blocked if the holder had not had 2 injections and had not, therefore, received a QR-code.

        I went down with Covid in September 2020 shortly after I had returned to Moscow from the country. I refused to go to hospital and recovered after 3 days.

        In the end, I was forced to bow down to Sobyanin and Gintsberg’s crap regulations and have the 2 injections.I was forced to have the injections as I could not travel anywhere on public transport free of charge. I do not drive.

        And the sheer bullshit of the whole business was that I could travel, albeit I was urged to stay at home because of my age, if I paid for my ride: having bought a bus, tram, metro or train ticket, my immense danger to society by virtue of the fact that I was over-60 and unvaccinated, somehow miraculously vanished.


      6. @Shucks on mask-wearing: Kudos to Florida for not mandating. I don’t think masks should be mandated by the government. Having said that, I personally like wearing a mask (always have been a bit of a germophobe), and I feel like it helps at least a little bit to keep out other people’s germs and also dust and pollen, etc. Before covid, people would have stared at me if I walked down the street in a mask. Now it’s normal.

        Having said that, I got very confused when seeing some online debates wherein some people (with good medical credentials, including some authors of the Great Barrington Declaration) claimed that masks do absolutely nothing to stop covid.
        I don’t understand that at all. I mean, if masks were virtually useless, then why do surgeons even bother to wear them in the operating room? They have to be providing at least some barrier to germs, no?


      7. Therefore, when I believed I had contracted the disease, I knew better than to turn to her for help. I was pretty sure she would not agree to prescribe anything for me off-label.

        Correct: I am not familiar with the US medical system, but would assume you can choose whatever doctor you like. Wrong? He/she is forced on you by the system?

        You could also have followed the advice in the dissenting community and gotten yourself whatever hyped non-prescription drugs plus Zinc. Although, yes, it seems a judge stopped Alex Jones from selling his very covid remedies

        There are also quite a few available approved drugs for treatment for people catching it. Obviously. I cannot believe I have to read something like this from someone working in the field. Straw Man?

        The Party Line is: You get vaxxed, there is nothing else, and then you either live, or you die. You only go to the hospital when you are ready to die. They intubate you, and then you die.

        But OK, I am so very, very sorry. As a babbler myself, I should indeed be more patient with people’s top of their heads’ covid stories. Simply heard too many of them by now. And obviously I know a lot of people love to hate Fauci and that maybe he should even tarred and feathered. 😉


  8. “In addition, a couple of crazies briefly flew in one instance a Nazi flag and in another a Confederate battle flag, though those now seem to have disappeared.

    If this were somewhere in Eastern Europe, we’d be having headlines wondering if this was the start of a new “colour revolution.””

    ….except in Ukraine of course, where it’d just be more of ‘the old one’.


  9. “There is no unqualified right to protest that gives freedom to wave flags, chant slogans or make threats that are racist, misogynist or direct hate at the LGBTQ+ community.”

    Dumb question: Are ALL of the the Canook truckers white male heterosexuals?

    Just askin’….


  10. Western hypocrisy and duplicity, it is why we are where we are and why the 21st Century is the Eurasian century and not the, ahem … Canadian Century or the British Century or the American century. The mass of lies and anti democratic posturing under the guise of human rights and the cancel culture that accompanies it, is the end of any chance the West has of rescuing itself from the cesspit it has allowed itself to climb into. I’m enjoying watching its demise and the never ending stream of contradictory propaganda that is forced on the public everyday in an attempt to prevent reality taking root in their poor misguided brains. What an abject failure it has all turned into, out with a whimper rather than a bang!

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  11. Judging from similar “racist” incidents at colleges, which seem almost invariably to be hoaxes, it seems very probable that the Nazi etc stuff was done by opponents of the truckers.


    1. Lots of that going around. False flags are now de rigueur as political tools. That’s why accusing Russia of them on mere hearsay is so laughable.


  12. Well, I do have a major in theoretical Biophysics, got a publication in international immunology while studying (I do not currently work in the field) and do, generally speaking, believe that I can speak with a certain degree of authoritativeness on the topic of vaccine mandates.

    They are, with mRNA vaccines vs. Covid, an idea that is about as bad as invading Iraq, and has the potential to get more people killed.

    Here is the reasoning:

    –Covid is a single stranded RNA virus. Virusses can be single or double stranded, and either DNA or RNA, in all permutations. Of all of these, single stranded RNA virusses mutate fastest, generally speaking. Mutation speed is very important when deciding if you try to beat an epidemic by vaccing or not.
    –Covid is a virus infecting the upper respiratory tract. This is not an area that is all that easily accessable to the specific immune system.
    –In military terms, trying to fight Covid, essentially exclusively with a vaccine (that is of course leaky on top of that) is akin to trying to fight the first guards tank army with light infantry, on the plains of central Ukraine. It is simply an obviously dumb idea. It is, perhaps permissable, if you have nothing else on hand. But:

    –Pretty clear evidence exists that Covid, particularly in its early phase, is quite treatable by pretty cheap and available medicine.
    –There is fairly limited risk from Covid to people who are not above 80 years of age.
    –And there is the possibility of a Marek like Catastrophe regarding the interaction between leaky vaccines and Covid.

    Sidebar: Mareks disease in chickens.
    On the heels of great vaccination success vs small pox, in the 1970s, an attempt was made to eradicate Mareks disease, a cancer and paralyisis causing illness, typically with a CFR (case fatality rate) between 2-5%, in chicken. The vaccine for this was one and done, but did not cause sterile immunity, meaning it did not prevent transmission, but mostly made the chickens immunized highly unlikely to die or even be negatively affected from Mareks disease, assuming the immuniziation worked in the chick in question. As such, the vaccines used vs. Mareks were actually better then the mRNA vaccines used vs. Covid.
    So, what happened? Well, the currently dominant strains of Marek kill any unvacced chicken in 5-6 days. Chickens have to be vaccinated in ovo, meaning in the egg, to have any chance of survival. Incidence of Mareks disease in vaccinated chickens is still pretty high. Millions of chicken have died. So yes, Vaccines, even vaccines that work fairly well, can horribly backfire!

    Personally, I view vaccinations as being solidly in the top 10 of mankinds inventions, along with the wheel or firemaking. That vaccinations, wheels or fire are a really great inventions does not mean that I am in favor of being set on fire, run over by a wheel, or be force vaccinated against a single stranded RNA virus that has, against people with my physical characteristics, a 0.01% CFR rate.

    Secondary sidebar: The other problem in mRNA vaccines:
    Normally, whenever you take a medicine, you can find out exactly how much of the medicine you took, what is in it etc.
    This is not the case with mRNA. Nobody can accurately tell me how much spike protein my body will produce after a vaccination. Every first semester medicine student knows that the difference between poison and medicine is just dosage and location, and these 2 things are essentially put into the hands of randomness and fate with mRNA vaccines. It is however completely permissable to use mRNA-interference techniques to treat very hard to treat otherwise patients.
    The amount of spike protein produced and then exposed is:
    X (number of mRNA-lipids containers) *p1 (probability of hitting a cell and entering it) * p2 (probability of mRNA getting to a Ribosome before being degraded) *p3 (probability of the ribosomal complex being willing or able to process this mRNA) * m1 (number of times the mRNA gets translated into protein) * (p4-p5) (combination of probabilities for diffusion back to the outer cellwall, p4 minus the probability to get stuck in the nuclear membrane, which happens to be right next to to the Ribosomes) *p6 (probability to transition out of the cell)
    p1,p2,p3,p4,p5,p6 are between 0 and 1, m1 is probably 1, but can be higher then that in some cases. X, in Moderna, is simply 4 times higher then X in Biontech.

    Meanwhile, with a Protein vaccine, you have Covid like looking Spike protein parts, carefully dose them, and directly expose the immune system to them. Oh, did I mention that Spike proteins, in an actually productive Covid infection, are subject to considerable degrees of post translational modification governened by other Covid Genes (which the mRNA vaccine does not include)? And that a mRNA vaccine generated Spike Protein may very well look quite different to a real spike protein? Or that we are still vaccinating against the Wuhan wild type, which no longer exists outside of labs?
    There is also another thing: Nobody vaccinated twice without some time spent between each vaccination, and for very good reasons (doing so massively increases side effect probability). Well, Covid is a disease that can be asymptomatic in, with Omicron, as many as 7 out of 8 patients.
    Someone who had an asymptomatic infection, and then gets vaccinated on top of that with a short time span between infection and vaccination, is highly likely to get serious side effects, while not actually getting much of an immune system improvement.

    It is sheer lunacy to force mRNA vaccines on healthy individuals, especially given that more secure alternatives like attenuated vaccines or protein vaccines exist, and that covid can probably be effectively treated.

    It is thus unsurprising, that the number of suspected adverse reactions to mRNA vaccines is higher then the combined number of all suspected adverse reaction to all vaccines, taken together, since 1970.

    I studied epidemiology. The consensus position, prior to 2019, was that one simply does not vaccinate into an ongoing Pandemic, unless there is absolutly nothing else one could possibly do. This position has clearly proven its merit, as is evidenced by the craptacular performance of the vaccination program.

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    1. Bravo!
      It is amazing how those countries bragging about democracy (particularly the five eyes) took strong standing towards people who don’t want to be vaccinated. Why? Those Pharmaceutical companies are extremely good donors.


      1. I read a number somewhere: From just this one (covid) vaccine alone, Pfizer made $25 billion dollars. (I’m not sure if that was the gross revenue or the profit, either way that’s a lot of dough for a product that was rushed into production after some very hasty testing phases…)


    2. That is an amazing comment, A.I.S., one of the best I have ever read on this issue. Particularly liked this bit:
      “That vaccinations, wheels or fire are a really great inventions does not mean that I am in favor of being set on fire, run over by a wheel, or be force vaccinated…”
      It’s just so common-sensical, and shows how the covid hysteria was flogged by bad actors who don’t understand, neither common-sense nor actual science.

      The American response to covid has been particularly awful, because the American government, in addition to blowing a lot of smoke on other issues, also has to conceal how one of the root causes of the public health crisis, is the private-for-profit healthcare system. They don’t want to fix that by providing a “Medicare for all” option, nor do they want to build more hospital beds and provide better treatments; nor do they want doctors to treat their patients with cheap (non-profitable) early medications. Instead, they brutally forced a “one size fits all” solution in the form of vaccines.

      Which, oh so conveniently, also brought super-profits to pharmaceutical companies, whose lobbyists pretty much own Congress and the media, at this point.

      It’s a shocking display of ignorance, greed, and sheer lack of compassion for ordinary human beings. History will not judge these vultures kindly.


    3. Yeah, I have a PhD in a pharma adjacent field, where lots of people who get it go on to work at pharma companies, like a few of the guys I did the PhD and postdoc with. These mRNA vaccines are a small disaster, but if you say anything under your own name, it’s dangerous. There are fanatics who police your thoughts online and since they are journal editors, I’m not going to say anything under my real name. So we basically have just a few people speaking out who are labelled as cranks after some intense background research a few weeks later. And some real cranks too.

      It’s worse than you think, since they used pseudouridine base to stabilize the mRNA so it makes it two orders of magnitude more stable in the cell and allows for much more translation in the ribosome. Still probably okay for the majority of the population, but a really terrible hill of a dodgy product to die on by dividing your society over the mandates. I would understand at least if it was a decent vaccine with very few side-effects, but the shitshow that is Moderna and Pfizer, some of the worst pharma companies by reputation coming up with a new mechanism of action product on which they have a monopoly, with the terrible side effects I’m seeing at my workplace, and forcing people to take it, gives it some sort of ‘dying Empire’ vibe.

      It’s political too, since other countries like Russia and China have vaccines based on protein or inactivated virus technologies, or even the DNA adenovirus vector Sputnik vax (which doesn’t give you ultra stable mRNA). If they really cared about Corona, they would permit all of those in the home market to placate us conspiracy theorists. But each country doesn’t let the vaccines from the wrong ideological block through, which should tell you a bit about how dangerous they really consider this virus.


    4. Thanks for the informative post. According to a recent Italian-Russian study, Sputnik-V is more effective against Omikron than the mRNA vaccines, at least in the lab. Their reasoning is similar to yours, namely, an mRNA vaccine is too specific to provide wide spectrum protection.

      Hungary used 5 different vaccines in last year’s vaccination drive. There was a comparative study based on 3.2 million fully vaccinated people, in which Sputnik-V came out on top, it was the most effective preventing death.

      I always thought that the main promise of mRNA technology was against cancer, where it would allow truly individualized drugs. I think cancer research was also the original focus of BioNtech in Germany. The mRNA folks might have just jumped on the vaccine business as good PR. We might find out that the more traditional vector vaccines and attenuated vaccines are much better in practice given their wider spectrum providing longer protection. Who wants to get jabbed every few months?

      Besides, logic 101 dictates that the never before used mRNA vaccines must be the riskiest ones. We have decades of experience with the other types.

      I myself had 3 shots of Moderna in Germany. And one of the now celebrated pioneers of the mRNA tech is a fellow Hungarian, Katalin Kariko. So by default, I should champion the mRNA shots against Sputnik, I guess.


  13. “Let’s be frank here. I have no truck with the protestors. For sure, we’re all fed up with covid-related restrictions and would like it all to be over. But I really don’t understand the anti-vax stuff. How much trouble is it really to get a jab in the arm? Certainly a lot less than hanging around in a truck in the freezing temperatures of Ottawa for days on end. And besides, even if you don’t like vaccine mandates, that’s no reason to occupy our capital, illegally park your vehicles, harass locals and the like.”

    The honking will continue until Freedom improves, liberal!


  14. The way things are going, it looks like sooner or later one of two things are destined to happen.

    1) Ukraine drags its western sponsors into WWIII.
    2) Ukraine’s western sponsors drag it into WWIII.

    Both scenarios are primed to happen. The only question is which goes off first.


  15. Seriously people. If you have PhDs in Life Sciences, you know why your stuff gets peer reviewed by specialists working in your field, rather than in some adjacent area, or your favorite pub. This blog is hardly a place to argue about the specifics of mRNA technology.

    Let’s consider instead why, under Pfizer contracts, “Brazil can’t accept COVID vaccine donations from other nations without Pfizer’s consent”, or why “Brazilian government was prohibited from making any public announcement concerning the existence, subject matter or terms of [the] agreement or commenting about its relationship with Pfizer, unless it had the company’s prior written consent”.
    More on the matter here:


    1. Not just Brazil. Can we, as European citizens and taxpayers, get access to Ursula von der Leyen’s chat with Pfizer’s CEO? No, it’s classified.

      BTW, the Germans badmouth pretty much every vaccine except Pfizer/BioNtech. It’s just money talking, since they have invested 500 million public euros in BioNtech. Not that we taxpayers will get a single penny in return for our investment.


  16. Given how “erudite” current covid leadership is, a random pub may well be a better source of scientific information.
    From personal experience, pub patrons are a lot more open for new information then people in positions of scientific authority.

    Germany has recently (after having a caste like system, where “unvacced” are forbidden to eat in Restaurants or be in shops, for half a year, they can work in them if they test daily, but they cannot eat there or shop there after finishing their work shift) made so that the recovered are “2G” for 3 months while the vaccinated are “ruling class” for 6 months.
    That immunity derived from actually beating the disease is >= immunity derived from vaccination is essentially the 2+2=4 of immunology.

    We literally have a minister of health who says that 2+2=5.


    1. Your remark about pub patrons and scientific authority is spot on. Not just in virology but also in climate science too. It’s more like religion now.

      The German system doesn’t work in practice. We visited the Natural History Museum in Berlin yesterday, where we had to register online days ahead and show our vaccine pass and ID, including for the kids, when entering. Afterwards we had dinner in a restaurant literally across the street and in the shadow of the Charite Hospital, which is the Mayo Clinic of Europe, and nobody even asked for our vaccine pass and none of the staff was wearing a mask. And I have other stories from Hamburg too.


  17. Was skimming the news this morning and saw this piece in RT. Ottawa Mayor declaring “state of emergency”, running around like a chicken with his head cut off, screaming in a state of sheer panic. Cops say they can’t control the situation, truckers are in charge of the situation, protests spreading across the country….

    What to do? What to do? Either run around in circles crying like a baby, OR
    I propose a simple solution to this crisis:
    Just give the truckers what they are asking for. They’re not asking for the world on a platter. I mean, if I understand correctly, all they are asking is for the mandates and covid passport laws to be repealed.

    Just do it! Declare defeat and give the people what they want. Is that so hard, Canadian government? Then crisis will be over, and nobody hurt.

    What’s the alternative, Baby Justin? Call in the military and start a civil war against your own people?


  18. Let’s not forget that the same “protestors” who were burning tires on the Maidan later burned more than 40 people in the trade union building in Odessa. Where are Amnesty’s and Western governments’ demands for justice for the victims of that crime?


    1. Amnesty and Westie governments liked that particular crime, because it helped to terrify Odessans into submission to the puppet government. Westie “ethics” and “morality” are completely situational in nature, based upon whose ox is being gored.


      1. so true…. hypocrisy is the outstanding feature of so much of this… that and righteousness on the part of one group over another… thus we find ourselves in a very polarized world with some cheering this on and others seeing how it can’t end well…


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