28 thoughts on “Russia Report Part 2”

  1. Great analysis. Governments in US, UK, Canada provide false information, the parliaments of these countries, on the basis of this false information, pass laws in the interests of certain financial and industrial oligarchic groups. Is collective conspiracy a criminal offense against its peoples? After all, as history shows, it leads to wars with thousands an millions victims.


  2. Good article, Professor, although I wonder why you made only one mention of Browder and none about the others whom you identified in your previous post on this blog as having provided “testimony” to the committee: Applebaum, Donnelly, Lucas, and Steele. Did you think it would detract from the main point of the article?


      1. No? His “convictions” were bad enough his relatives wanted him in mental asylum. Hint-hint.

        I didn’t watch the movie itself though.


  3. Related is this very skewed Al Jazeera discussion the subject:

    Under the circumstances, Dmitry Babich did a very good job in a 3 (host included) against 1 scenario. Nina Jankowicz exhibited her sheer anti-Russian propaganda slant. Andrew Foxhall was drab.

    I like Mark Sleboda in these kind of situations. Suspect that Al Jazeera hasn’t had him back on because of his effectiveness.

    A Sleboda sampling from when he appeared on a BBC segment:


    1. Clicking into that link, I was unable to locate a fast forward mechanism to get to Sakwa. Not especially interested in what Diana Magnay has to say.


      1. Mich, so I don’t have to decide whether to choose Mikhail or Michael, I tested two browsers, the result didn’t suggest I’d have to check another one. In both there was a bar at the bottom easily allowing you to move backward and forward.


    1. Mich, no idea if you noticed it by now.
      But after digging through a lot of articles and data triggered by b or Bernhard or Moon of Alabama. I noticed you are mentioned in a recent NYT article as Russophile or Russian disinformation agent. Take your pick.
      Moon of alabama org
      U.S. Officials Disseminate Disinformation About ‘Virus Disinformation’


      1. NYT: Russian Intelligence Agencies Push Disinformation on PandemicJulian E. Barnes and David E. Sanger, July 28, 2020

        Michael Averko, a contributor to the foundation[guess which] , did not return a request for comment, but he said in a recent mass email to reporters that he had been visited by the F.B.I. Mr. Averko said he told the F.B.I. that he did not know about any ties between the foundation and Russian intelligence, but that he doubted they existed.


  4. Professor, nearly 3 years ago you’ve made an appearance on Tsargrad TV, talking with its American host on topics “diverse and sundry”. Upon seeing you “gracing” this particular media outlet I had a very reasonable chuckle (as, I’m sure, did all other Russians who know a thing or two about Tsargrad’s reputation.

    This week YouTube owning corporation Google in it is infinite wisdom decided to cancel Tsargrad TV’s YT channel. Now, yours interview there, as well as hundreds others are gone.

    I guess, you had enough time to learn and ruminate over this event. Any comment, Professor? A blogpost? An open letter, perhaps?


    1. As I was researching Russian conservatism at the time, taking an inside look at Tsargrad made a lot of sense. As for banning it from Youtube – it seems silly, though since I don’t watch Tsargrad, I can’t comment on what sort of stuff they’ve been broadcasting of late.


      1. “As I was researching Russian conservatism at the time, taking an inside look at Tsargrad made a lot of sense.”

        >Tsargrad TV
        >researching conservatism

        Pick one, Professor!

        “I can’t comment on what sort of stuff they’ve been broadcasting of late.”

        YouTube owning corporation Google did not cancel them for the content, Professor. Do you know what they’ve canceled the Tsargrad TV account for?


      2. Re: Reason for Google’s cancel of Tsargrad TV YT channel.

        Actually, I’d like to rephrase my last question. Now, I want to ask you – “what happened with your ability to comprehend Russian?”, because in the second link in my original comment, there’s you’d read the following:

        “Google соблюдает все применимые законы о санкциях и соблюдении правил торговли. Если мы обнаруживаем, что учетная запись нарушает эти законы, то предпринимаем соответствующие действия”, – сообщили “Интерфаксу” во вторник в пресс-службе компании на вопрос о причинах блокировки YouTube-канала онлайн-телеканала “Царьград”.

        Основатель телеканала “Царьград ТВ” Константин Малофеев находится под санкциями США с конца 2014 года в связи с событиями на востоке Украины.”

        Unless you are suffering from some novel affliction, you’d have no trouble understanding the text above.

        Malofeyev has been under sanctions since 2014. You… paid… a visit to his channel in 2017. YT account of Tsargrad TV gets canceled now, 28 July 2020.

        Say, professor, you did know that Malofeyev was under sanctions, when you decided on your own free will to conduct your “conservatism reasearch” from inside? I also have to wonder, would you respond with a pathetic plithy “it seems silly” when a Western sacred cow gets canceled instead. Or when RT gets banned in West – the same RT for which you’ve written several articles lately, and also appeared in several of their programmes.


      3. Lytt, I remember how and when we met. But at what point in time exactly did you desend on Irrussionality to expose Paul? That’s not quite what you are trying to accomplish?

        I may not have quite drive to check. Any help you can offer?

        Anything I misunderstand? Ok, maybe this is the more relevant question on my mind.


      4. I may not have quite drive to check
        I may not have quite the drive or interest to check.

        Ok, another question why do you feel I should study your comments or take you more seriously?


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