A normal week in the British press

Probably the most influential weekly political magazines in the United Kingdom are The Economist, The Spectator, and The New Statesman. All have published their latest editions in the last couple of days. Here are the results. Putin’s ‘winning in propaganda’ it says at the bottom of The Spectator’s cover. I think not.




9 thoughts on “A normal week in the British press”

  1. Sure, the Inner Party members (who read these small publications) get brainwashed, as they should. The proles – probably not so much. Just as the man described ~70 yeas ago; ‘hate weeks’, and all…


  2. Former colonials are not far behind their old masters:



    Don’t mistake democratic promotion of ‘Mockracy and Liburty with totalitatrian meddlings of Despicable Regimes!


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