Be Afraid!

This graph from The Economist, which I spotted on the Lawyers, Guns, and Money blog, shows that European NATO members spent almost four times as much on defence last year as Russia ($265 bn as opposed to $70 bn). If one adds the United States ($640 bn), NATO defence spending is around nine times that of Russia. Yet the graph manages to suggest that it is Russia which is threatening Europe. Be afraid!

B99_XQnIMAACe-2 (1)

6 thoughts on “Be Afraid!”

  1. Most absurd graph I’ve seen in a while! And yes, “European NATO” excludes the US, but also Canada. And perhaps also Turkey?


  2. My son got a free online/physical subscription to The Economist while at business school a few years ago and had the physical copies sent to my address. He never bought a paid subscription, but they keep on sending issues to my house.

    I get to peruse their weekly propaganda collection for a few moments after each issue arrives… before tossing the disgusting thing in the recycle bin.

    It would be entertaining if it was not so sad that apparently serious people take their ravings seriously!

    The Feb. 13th-20th issue has the diabolical Putin on the cover as a sneering, grand puppet master, with strings extending down from his hand. “Putin’s War on the West” is placed next to the image. Talk about psychological projection! It is “the West” that is actually making financial and physical war on much of the west of the world.


      1. The Economist have published other, derogatory Putin covers in the past year. It seems childish to me, given the supposed high education levels of the readers of The Economist. This is more like something Fox News would do. I can only conclude that The Economist has propaganda experts (CIA/MI6/Mossad) in their employ to develop and encourage this nonsense, thinking that it must be effective!

        In my case, all they have done is destroy their credibility.


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