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More on the Russian Idea

Our webinar yesterday on the topic of the Russian Idea was recorded and has now been posted on YouTube, so any of you who missed it and would like to watch it can do so. I’ve embedded a copy below.

During the seminar, I put to the main speaker, Marlene Laruelle, the idea I had developed in my last post: that there was now a possibility of Russia and the West diverging not converging. She had an interesting response: Russia’s rulers don’t want that, she said. If the path to Europe reopened, they’d take it. And they think that it will reopen in due course, because they see the West, including Europe, as deeply divided and heading for a crash. In time, it will split apart, and the way will be open for Russia to come back in.

It fits with what Dmitry Medvedev said recently about Ukraine: Russia just needs to wait, is the logic. I don’t doubt that Laruelle is right when she says that a similar hope exists regarding Europe as a whole. But is it a realistic hope? I tend to the view that institutions like the EU and NATO are quite solid, and unlikely to fall apart as long as I’m on this earth. Russia may end up waiting a very long time.

Anyway, decide for yourself by watching our ruminations on this and other related matters. Enjoy!