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December calendar

This being 1 December, here is the last of the pictures in my Soviet poster calendar – a poster from some time in the 1960s for the Soviet space program , artist unknown:



November calendar

Due to some home renovations, I had taken down my Soviet poster calendar and so neglected to post November’s picture at the start of the month. So, rather belatedly, here it is now: artist unknown, ‘Poster for Island of Escape’.


October Calendar – Death to World Imperialism!

I’m suffering from a bit of writer’s block when it comes to the blog. The deluge of Russia-related nonsense elsewhere continues, but there’s so much of it that it’s hard to know where to start in tackling it, and it gets a little boring pointing out again and again what’s wrong with this stuff. Besides which, other people are doing so. It would be nice to find something really good to comment on, but where is it to be found? Or perhaps there’s a whole new angle to consider, but it’s hard to think what it might be.

So, in lieu of a larger post, and as it’s the first day of the month, here’s the next poster in my Soviet calendar. ‘Death to World Imperialism’ it says. No doubt some readers will sympathize.


June calendar

Last year, Rosatom announced that it intended to build a nuclear engine capable of driving a spaceship to Mars in a month and a half. It hopes to have a prototype ready by 2025. This would be just in time for the centenary of the 1926 Soviet film ‘Journey to Mars’, the poster for which is the picture for June in my Soviet poster calendar. The artists are Nikolai Prusakov and Grigory Borisov.