Evidence to Parliament

On 3 May, I gave evidence to the Canadian House of Commons Subcommittee on International rights on the topic of Russia/Ukraine. The transcript of the meeting is now available and can be read here. Alternatively, you can watch a videorecording of it here. All went well until the end …

21 thoughts on “Evidence to Parliament”

  1. Public hearings are for public consumption, so it is no wonder that the hearing ended with an emotive affirmation of the party line and a condemnation of him who departed from it. It is to be hoped that the Canadian government has more serious and realistic conversations behind closed doors, but I am not optimistic.


  2. Canadian government …

    Do you mean a Government that actually managed to freeze the accounts of protestors, depriving them in one swoop of freedom of expression and financial security? That kind of government?
    I became a Canadian as an immigrant 40 years ago, but never have been more ashamed of what I see emanating from the Ottawa swamp as in the last few years under Trudeau, and I had thought the arsekisser Harper was bad enough already.

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  3. Paul, in your statements to the Canadian House of Commons, you say “Putin has threatened Ukrainian statehood. He said a while back that if Ukraine tried to recapture Donbass by force, it would be the end of Ukrainian statehood.” Are you referring to his July 12, 2021 article? I’m not getting the threat from that. Thanks.


  4. Eh, the “five eyes” – that EXCEPTIONAL lot are judging others. As usual, arrogance to the maximum. How about Canada “statehood”? How did you get that? God’s gift? Just count number of countries that refused to adopt sanctions on Russia. Well, you belong to the tiny others. Because your masters lost their mind and are shaking hands with the air…


    1. Canada ‘maintained’ its statehood by coming to terms with demands by the Québecois in the 70’s to address their grievances over language and culture, even after and in spite of certain terrorist acts by separatists against the government.

      That was common sense. A common sense that Canada no longer possesses, for if it had – and had it lobbied strongly for implementation of the Minsk accords in analogous fashion, there would be no war today.

      I suppose we can directly thank Ms. Freeland and her equally dedicated diaspora constituency for that.


  5. Very revealing of how incredibly ignorant government officials are. Either that, or they are playing to the Russia-hatred of their constituents ignoring the events of 2014 at Maidan and Odessa. There is no doubt that the Russian attack was unexpected, but that does not mean it was unprovoked, not to say deliberately provoked.


  6. I skimmed the official transcript of the May 3rd hearing in the House of Common’s subcommittee.

    The last page was truly difficult to read. Mr. Czolij makes a defamatory statement about you and you are refused an opportunity to respond by Ms. McPherson.

    It got very ugly indeed. Not one of this subcommittee’s finer moments.

    Glad to see you are back online. Your insights are very much appreciated.


  7. What was particularly revealing was how the corrupt NDP’s Heather MacPherson, backed by other committee members, denied Professor Robinson the right of reply. Her input was entirely ideological, and a electoral ploy, and shows that, for any progressive, a vote for the current NDP is a wasted vote. MacPherson and the NDP should be ashamed of their role in this farce, which runs directly against the party’s one-time commitment to free speech. Agnes McPhail, J. S. Woodsworth, M. J. Coldwell, F. R. Scott, Percy Wright, and David Lewis are rolling in their graves.


  8. I’m sorry if there’s now controversy in Canada of this sort. You have been for me a reliable and balanced guide to events in the Donbas since 2014.

    Your recent examination of the Russian rejection of the West was confirmation of the profound change Karaganov explored recently. A picture of Chubasi at a Turkish ATM, which I took to be genuine, encapsulated it all.

    As did Lavrov’s recent assertion that from now on, and as far as possible, Russia would ensure it was not dependent on Western goods.

    It’s been very odd since February 21st. Before then, at least as far as I could pick up the mood in Europe, we had tunnel vision and saw the whole mostly as an extension of the Trump/Grenell attempts to wean Germany and thus Europe off trade with Russia. There was at that time at least some general recognition that the Russian security demands were reasonable and that the position in the Donbas needed resolving.

    That changed dramatically after February 24th. We must now be Russophobes or Putinversteher. No middle ground. But for those of us who don’t speak the language, and who know little of Russian society or politics, a guide to that profound change now occurring is still needed and I hope you will be able to continue to perform that essential function.


    1. Paul is missed very, very much.

      One could have felt this coming the moment Putin put out his demands? That’s all there is to the curious US we-knew-it, we warned you intelligence? Was Putin himself aware they could/would never be move one inch.

      Curious how PL’s blog changed in this brave-new-post-Feb, 06.2021-era. But then I did not expect some earlier shifts.

      Not allowing Paul to respond was unbelievably sick. One seemed to hesitate in the end only one remained standing. Why did they invite him at all? Unbelievable.


  9. theyre all bought and paid for by the Galician diaspora, the very heart of the Nazi cancer at the heart of Ukraine for the last 80 years. Pointless pantomime like the veritable tsunami of lies and fakes at the heart of western mainstream press. It would be laughable if it wasn’t so potentially dangerous. Anyway, Russia will get what it wants in the end, either by negotiating or the complete destruction of Ukraine as a political entity and it will at least be in large part due to the likes of the Canadian vassals and Russophobes joining in with the self destruction of the US and the Europeans. 3 months in and the west still hasn’t made an effective or relevant decision yet beyond throwing all their old materiel into the arena and allowing Canadian mercenaries to get killed. With people like this the Russians are assured victory in all spheres and the long term rise of Eurasian integrational superiority. More power to them, their team are generally intellectual heavyweights compared to the western smiley faced woke airheads caught in the headlights of the tank about to run over them.


  10. “None so deaf as those that will not hear. None so blind as those that will not see.” Matthew Henry
    I always learn something from your articles so please keep writing at least the occasional article.


    1. “It Is Difficult to Get a Man to Understand Something When His Salary Depends Upon His Not Understanding It” Upton Sinclair


  11. Have viewed the video ‘in part’. Kudos to you, professor. A well balanced presentation. How you manage to go before these panels though, packed full of neophytes and peppered with rabid personalities like this Czelij character ready to turn reality on its head at every turn, is beyond me. And quite a character he is. (Polish of course). Who does he rely on for his information – Arestovych? And does he actually garner any following in such a conference, or the world at large? Because if he does – we are marching into an eventual disaster beyond anyone’s imagination.


  12. This entire fiasco boils down to one simple and undeniable fact: America coveted Sevastopol as a NATO naval base; everything else has been a diversion. It tried to obtain it under Yushchenko but failed. It tried again via Maidan using more devious even treacherous means and failed again. it still tries to this day. It should have followed the Ten Commandments. It should have known better. We will all now be paying the price for this criminal folly for generations, assuming there are more to be.


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