Absurd Pandora Hype

Perhaps I shouldn’t pick on Luke Harding. He’s kind of the low hanging fruit of bad journalism – altogether too easy a target. Perhaps it would make more sense to challenge someone more worthy of our attention. But then, what’s the point of challenging good journalism? Besides which, Harding gets the big headlines, sells a lot of books, and so on. So, here goes.

In my latest for RT, I tackle Luke’s analysis of the Pandora Papers, which consist of several million files detailing the financial wheelings and dealings of the rich and powerful, with a special focus on property deals conducted via offshores companies. In an article on the Pandora Papers, Harding mentions the name ‘Putin’ no fewer than 50 times. I kid you not – 50 times!

But here’s the thing. The 12 million or so pages of the Pandora Papers apparently don’t mention Putin even once!

The juxtaposition is quite extraordinary. What’s up? Read my piece here to find out.

20 thoughts on “Absurd Pandora Hype”

  1. “But then, what’s the point of challenging good journalism?’

    Always room for improvement. Besides, there’s some debate on what is and isn’t good journalism.

    That said, Harding is a flat out hack. Numerous other folks doing better work who haven’t been mentioned at or on RT.

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  2. These over hyped, ‘leaks’, are clearly the intelligence services copying the wiki leaks model of real journalism to attack their latest enemies.

    Luke harding and Bellingcat all work for the same masters they provide the cover for the intelligence agencies smears

    BBC Washington Post guardian all give this a veneer of authenticity to those who rely only on the mainstream media and to be Frank don’t think wider than these media to grt there information

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    1. These over hyped, ‘leaks’, are clearly the intelligence services copying the wiki leaks model of real journalism to attack their latest enemies.

      Maybe. … I admittedly do not know. But there is absolutely no doubt that the Guardian relegated the Russian part bits inside the larger business-as-usual to its ‘Russia specialist’.


  3. It is pretty amazing that this is coming from the American intel services, no Americans listed, because indeed the rich and powerful in the USA have implemented their own ‘rules-based order’ in this mockery of a democracy so that they can swindle their funds in a zillion ways that would be illegal in most other developed nations. Luke Harding…. he really demonstrates the pure simplicity of the AUSUK-intel propaganda method; just keep repeating, keep saying Putin, no matter whether there is a link with reality, no matter the facts.


  4. “So what do the Pandora Papers actually tell us?”

    That, er, communism is better than capitalism?
    Communism may have its flaws, but at least it doesn’t allow individual persons to become billionaires. No one should be allowed to own a private jet. I have to go with Tupac on that one!


    1. Your response Yalensis ignores the evidence that there were many communists high up in the politburo and their families who got rich through the system. This all under comummism.

      Many communists suddenly became liberals and took control of the state owned business after communism and became millionaires and billionaires.


      1. Guest, you didn’t notice that Yavlensis may not have all the patience in the world to pay attention? … Pandora … Paradise … ???


      2. Hey, come on, guys. moon, why do you say I don’t have patience to pay attention? That’s not fair! I have infinite patience, and I pay attention to most people, if they haven’t yet ticked me off.

        So, Guest, anyhow, I understand your comment, and it’s true that the Stalinist bureaucracy enriched themselves on the system. That’s the one flaw in the ointment when it comes to a planned economy coupled with a one-party system: The same people who run the economy run the government, and they can use all that power to benefit themselves. This is why a true socialist democracy (if we can ever start to build one again) would have safeguards in place to prevent this from happening again. Like strict laws, a fair taxation system, an end of corporate bonuses, regular audits, democratic invovlement, that sort of thing. I personally think it’s doable.

        Having said that, there is really no comparison between the corruption, even of the most corrupt Stalinist official you can think of, and the corruption of the capitalist class. I like to use this analogy: In Soviet Union, politicians steal all the towels from the hotels. In America politicians steal the hotels! In other words, it’s an issue of (1) magnitude of property theft, quality as well as quantity; (2) overall distribution of wealth, in terms of percentages; and also (3) the issue of hereditary ownership. In a corrupt communist system, a main asset such as a factory, etc., might become almost the virtual property of the factory manager, but he still couldn’t legally pass it on to his son, much as he might like to. (Ignoring the issue of political dynasties, which is not quite the same thing.)

        It was only when the Soviet Union dissolved and Rump-Russia fully implemented the capitalist counter-revolution, that the main property assets became privatized, personalized, and able to pass on to heirs. This change required not only a bloody counter-revolution, but also a new constitution, a new political order, and the destruction of an Empire. You are right about the Nomenklatura suddenly becoming property owners. This was prophetically predicted in George Orwell’s novel, “Animal Farm”, that final scene in the book where the pigs dress up in suits and ties, and start smoking cigars.


      3. Don’t worry, Guest! Yalensis is a Trokyst, meaning – the most loyal to the US of A person ever imaginable. A thorough reading of his diatribe answer to you shows that he considers the Great October Socialist Revolution in Russia to be a disastrous mistake and, therefore, he is ideologically allied with all of its enemies. Furthermore, he is such a thorough Trotskyte, that anything “Stalin’s USSR” related gives him an instant hate-boner. Again, following his feelings logically to the end, Yalensis have to be wishing defeat to the USSR in 1941 and is generally lamenting the fact, that, in the end, “Civilized Europe” lost to t he “Beast from t he East”.

        P.S. It’s a matter of fact, that the Great French Bourgeois Revolution had been betrayed from within by the people on the top (e.g. Charles M. de Talleyrand). This makes it, btw, not much different from other betrayed bourgeois revolutions – in England and Netherlands. That’s why Europe is still ruled by Ancien Regime style feudalism!..

        … Oh, wait…


      4. Hey, come on, guys. moon, why do you say I don’t have patience to pay attention? That’s not fair!

        I agree. Will “I am sorry” suffice?

        Panama – Paradise – Pandora. …

        No one should be allowed to own a private jet.
        Only some likeable guys??? E.g. a Boeing 757 or an alternative Force One?


    2. Yalensis, dear. You are American by now, aren’t you? You object that America signaled once upon a time; from-dishwasher-to-millionaire was a given possibility?

      Millionaire is ok, but billionaires and their servants should not exist?


  5. “But here’s the thing. The 12 million or so pages of the Pandora Papers apparently don’t mention Putin even once!”

    Yeah, western mass-media don’t even pretend that their drivel is based on facts anymore. But that’s not new.


  6. Reminding everyone that Saakashvili today celebrates one week of his “hunger strike”. Sending him rays of good and kindness, with this reminder of his “stellar” political career:

    Again – why the Free and Independent Western Media ™ are silent?


  7. Paul Robinson is a breath of fresh air. Not only does he investigate the massive document trove (Pandora Papers), but in addition he brings a wry sense of humor to his investigative report. What a pleasure. Paul’s humor is gentle, and gracious. We readers can learn, and laugh.

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  8. you shouldn’t feel bad about singling out Harding, he’s a serial offender, more Govt/intelligence community stenographer than journalist. A set of leaks worth reading are the Integrity Initiative, Harding is a central pillar of that particular farago (as well as the BBC and sundry old guardian hacks, all paid for of course, they’re not doing it out of patriotism or anything as passé as that) Russia has a far more diverse and free press than the UK. All we have to do is look at the daily mail this week to see how the energy ‘crisis’ is playing out – it’s all Putins fault apparently – not the bunch of z list politicians in Downing St who have continuously shot themselves in both feet for nigh on a decade vis a vis energy policy/security. I wish they’d just shoot themselves in the head and get it over with.


    1. On the subject of the BBC, their lead news headline on its half hour news feed within the past 12 hours, was an uncritical reference to the Biden administration’s Jake Sullivan, asking Russia to not politicize energy deliveries as it has done in the past.

      The same segment made a suggestively critical reference to Russia seeking to have NS2 running soon. No second guessing of Sullivan’s aforementioned and dubious claim, along with the contradiction of the critical reference to Russia seeking to have NS2 up and running.


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