Authoritarianism in Ukraine

Following on from my last post about authoritarianism in Russia, we see evidence of growing authoritarianism in Ukraine. The most recent example is the charges of high treason laid against opposition MPs Viktor Medvedchuk and Taras Kozak. I discuss the case in an article for RT, that you can read here.

8 thoughts on “Authoritarianism in Ukraine”

  1. They were further enthused by the fact that Zelensky himself came from the hard-scrabble Russophone city of Krivoy Rog.

    One would like to study the selection processes, no doubt. Put another way, understand how one or the other self-selected savior of the nation got the necessary support.


    1. I suspect Zelensky is actually deeply unhappy with what he is doing but he’s trapped. The Americans – who write the cheques that keep the place barely running – would never let him do what needs to be done to secure peace. More importantly, a vast array of Ukrainians would never let him do what needs to be done, as then they would have another Maidan. So I suspect that what he’s done is about the least worst that could be done. Ukraine now is like what America would be had the Capitol Riot/Coup of 6 January 2021 succeeded. The pantomine of democracy, the pantomine of ‘liberty’ and the ‘martyrs/heroes’, and with one half of the country irreconcilably opposed to it.


  2. “This will only strengthen Russian suspicions that Western platitudes about liberty and democracy are devoid of meaning, and all that really concerns the West is that the the Ukrainian government be reliably anti-Russian.”

    Stierlitz entered the Führer’s briefing room. With his piercing gaze he looked around at all the German Senior Officers, all wearing the red and black swastika armbands on the sleeves of their uniforms.
    “Hm…” Stierlitz thought to himself, “it seems as if I have found myself surrounded by Nazis…”

    (From The Further Adventures of Caption Obvious)


  3. The Ukrainian people must agree with all of this.

    No sign of discontent, Zelensky I understand is still the most popular politician in Ukraine.

    Ukraine was visited by Blinken and it’s clear this authoritarian turn suits the USA and the EU.

    Makes it easy to rape the country as you only have to talk to the puppet at the top to enable the USA corporations to come in.


  4. Just posted this on-topic piece in my blog, the theory here (of these pundits who are quoted) is that the Americans don’t like Zelensky at all and think he is getting too uppity; so they sent Blinken to put him in his place.

    I have no idea whether this theory is true or not, it’s all just gossip and speculation, but it’s still pretty juicy!


    1. Have the Americans ever had a Ukrainian president that didn’t annoy them?

      Ironically, one could argue that Yanukovich was the most America-friendly President. He actually initiated some of these “reforms” the Americans like to bleat about,in practical terms he was no less anti-russian in pulling Ukraine away from Russia than all the other Ukrainian leaders – he just didn’t make the publically provocative statements against Russia that the others have.

      Even the Tymoshenko prosecution would be like a favour to the Americans who had long ago fallen out with her, though it must be said the prosecution itself was initiated by Yushchenko.


      1. I think the Americans liked Yushchenko quite a lot. (He and his wife were actually American citizens, if I am not mistaken.)

        They were also quite fond of Poroshenko.

        See, never let it be said that American government is impossible to please!


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