5 thoughts on “Crosstalking Ukraine”

  1. I really like RR. His comment about “Russophobia” starting in 1917 is quite disagreeable.

    The Russian government’s relationship with the Donbass rebel leadership is something that the Kiev regime, neocons and neolibs have been thinking about, relative to when the 1990s era Yugoslav government stopped its support for the Krajina and Bosnian Serbs.


    As for the Nagorno-Karabkh reference made by some, consider the Donbass as a kind of reverse, in the form of imaginingg Armenia with greater Russian support (along the lines of Donbass) with the Azeris not getting as much assistance from Turkey.

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    1. Rick’s introductory statement is interesting for me too.

      a) his take going back to 1917
      b) his assumption that all people that picked the democrat ticket in 2020, not necessarily a straight-ticket, wanted the US government to challenge/punish Russia.

      Otherwise, I’ll try to keep both the label and the obvious thinking behind “Internationalized civil war” in mind. Helpful label once it comes to NATO and/or NATO expansionism.

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  2. Well, it seems like the situation is back to it’s abnormal normal. There will be no Ukranian attack/Russian counterattack & no WW3 over it, for now. I guess we should all be a little relieved.

    Paul, you started this blog in 2014, just a few months after the mess in Ukraine had begun. It’s been seven years. It would be interesting to hear how your views on Russia&the world have changed over this period.

    In general, what you’re saying now is consistent with what you’ve been saying all along; however, your position must have evolved in many ways… so how about a “retrospective post” at some point?


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