7 thoughts on “The Russian Connection”

  1. “We constantly hear that ‘the Kremlin’ wants to destroy the international order, undermine democracy, and destabilize the West.

    Of course the NATO and the USA separately have to project their behaviour leading to their own misdeeds in the last 70 years destroying or unsuccessfully interfering in nations from Chile to Nicaragua, El Salvador, Venezuela to Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Mali, Korea, Philippines, Indonesia, Ukraine, Georgia etc. etc. to divert attention. And whoever better to project on than the for ever enemy Russia the Evil, and as its representative THE PUTIN..


  2. Some correction:
    businessman (crook and fraud) Bill Browder..

    “often center around accusations that the USA is causing international instability by launching wars, supporting rebellions, and inciting regime change and ‘color’ revolutions”

    Those are not accusations, those are facts backed by evidence.

    “Because, the more that Americans fight one another, the more likely it is that Russia will be caught in the crossfire”

    and maybe it is time that Russia undertakes some serious action to prevent that. The USA proclaims for itself preventative strikes, maybe it is time to follow the lead? As long as they can be contained like the rocket strikes by Iran after the Soleimani murder?
    Somewhere in Syria, where the US illegally occupies Territory?


  3. “When something challenges this sense of exceptionalism, it creates a shock which leads American leaders to look for domestic and foreign scapegoats to blame for the country’s traumas.”

    Well yes, but invading Grenada was a sufficient cure last time around.

    So, maybe this time it’ll be Barbados or something. No, wait: Gibraltar. They’re practically asking for it.

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  4. Professor, you hope not to have to write any more pieces about Trump and Putin. Guess what? It is your destiny. For the next 4 years it will be ever more of “Russia Russia Russia”, here is my New Year prediction:

    The pindosi will institute an American Guy Fawkes Day, to be celebrated every January 6, and burn effigies of Trump and Putin in the Capitol while setting off fireworks!
    Any citizen who refuses to participate in the “National Day of Hate” — bloop, straight down the chute, and all their online presence — into the Memory Hole!

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  5. I have read really, really good (is there a better term?) portraits of US contemporaries drawing my attention one way or the other over the last two decades, but the portrait of Ben Rhodes somehow sticked out in a very peculiar way, let’s say compared to Michael Lemann’s portrait of Karl Rove (The Controller, New Yorker) or Phil Weiss portrait of Zbigniew Brzezinski (Mr. Zbig, The American Conservative). Ok Phil turned an interview into a portrait, maybe? …

    Ben Rhodes stood out in this larger category for me as the portrait of a sycophant up to the image on the wall of his white house office.

    Anyway. here we go David Samuels:


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