10 thoughts on “Looking Back At 2020”

  1. > Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova declared this week that official figures for deaths from Covid-19 were probably wrong by a factor of three. The real death toll is around 186,000

    That’s not quite what she said. This figure is an upwards estimate of death due to Covid-*related* causes, not *of Covid*. This includes, for example, death when Covid was *not* tested positive, but symptoms indicated it; includes cases when the cause of death was some other illness exaggerated due to Covid etc.

    The “of Covid” figure she named was 70 921.


  2. I wonder if one of Russia’s biggest challenges in coming year is countering that European legal judgement in favor of Yukos. Russia has no intention of forking out $50 billion to Khodorkovsky and his pals. But the resulting legal and trade war against Russia is not going to be a pretty sight. West is already threatening to seize Russian assets abroad, like they did with Gaddafi. Is more or less an open declaration of war.

    I hope Russian leaders are foresightful enough to protect national assets in such a way that Westie pirates can’t grab them, like they stole Libya’s gold reserves.

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  3. Thanks! Surrounded by ignoramuses here in U.S. Sent a hopeful RT article about a new antibody cure for Covid to a friend. He returned the wikipedia page about RT being a state sponsored media–guess he had to shoot the messenger. Anyway, I wrote back about state-fed MSNBC. So it goes! To a better New Year!


    1. Originally, I’d thought of having a Dostoevsky quote on suffering, but the ones I could find weren’t as appropriate. That’s the thing about Ilyin – it’s easy to get good quotes from him.


      1. “That’s the thing about Ilyin – it’s easy to get good quotes from him”

        Indeed! It’s true on so many levels, Professor! 😉


      2. On the subject of Ilyin is this JRL promoted tripe from someone who was on a recent panel featured at IRRUSSIANALITY:


        Typical mention of M-R with no reference whatsoever to Munich.

        Hoping for 2021 to see a dramatic limit in the establishment phony, crony, baloney, JRL court appointed Russia friendly syndrome, along with the likes of the above linked piece.

        From a quality control perspective, there’re definitely better options.



      3. How about this Dostoevsky quote: “If there is no God, everything is permitted.”

        Woo hooo! I’m an atheist, myself, I don’t believe there is a God, so that means I can do ANYTHING I damned want. I’ll start by squeezing the toothpaste tube from the middle, just see if you can stop me, you pathetic conformists!


  4. As to your claim regarding lockdowns:


    “The national criteria most associated with death rate are life expectancy and its slowdown, public health context (metabolic and non-communicable diseases (NCD) burden vs. infectious diseases prevalence), economy (growth national product, financial support), and environment (temperature, ultra-violet index). <>”

    and why a lookdown may actually be counterproductive:

    ” In the Covid-19 case, an advisable strategy may be to increase populations immunity and resilience (36) and prevent sedentary behaviors through higher physical activity and better physical fitness. Hence, political strategies restricting physical activity (e.g., closing sport facilities) may refrain the enhancement of population immunity in response to present and future viral aggressors.”

    Before one makes claims regarding the effectiveness of lockdowns, masks, and vaccines etc. one should wait for the science before judging.

    “such as the labelling for the first time of individuals as ‘foreign agents’, have added to the impression that the Russian state has become increasingly oppressive.”

    Tsk, tsk, those miserable Russians go ahead and do what the USA does for many years now. Remember Miss Butina the unfortunate?


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