14 thoughts on “Anti-Vax Propaganda”

  1. It is simple. Of all the censorship attacks on social media, only one is justified – that against anti-vaxxers who really do harm.
    So naturally the facts have to be manipulated to make the censors the good guys and the people they target the bad guys.

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  2. One funny comment on RT piece I enjoyed:

    “He offered me a next gen strain, covichok… comes as a topical gel…. limited edition chanel no.5 bottles for early adopters….”

    covichok, I like that! should be brand name for the anti-covid vaccine.


  3. Just look at THE PUTIN – look at a face clearly influenced by asiatic genes mixed with slavic material, a face no one can trust, a face clearly of non European origins, missing the clear lines of forthrightness and utter dullness, void of any devious or otherwise thought that shines through the features of every European man, woman, child and pet.
    Those persons simply cannot conceive of the heinous methods, an utterly evil a creature like THE PUTIN could employ to completely destroy their souls, their righteousness and innocence.

    Let us be honest – Mr. Clapper was right: “If you put that in context with everything else we knew the Russians were doing to interfere with the election,” he said. “And just the historical practices of the Russians, who typically, are almost genetically driven to co-opt, penetrate, gain favor, whatever, which is a typical Russian technique. So, we were concerned.”

    So is it any wonder THE PUTIN with conflicting messages tries to confuse the European mind and while supporting THE VACCINE for the unsuspecting Russians tries to drive THE EUROPEANS to their certain deaths by convincing them that this wonder drug is not a cure against a deadly virus that manages indiscriminately to kill almost everyone at a rate of a staggering 0.2 % of those Infected, indiscriminately preferentially those that are elderly with co-morbidities.

    What a monster, not even a Sauron could act as evilly.


  4. Paul, thank you for penning this.
    One has to wonder, though, aren’t you getting in trouble with your employer for appearing on RT? Seeing that just a few weeks ago, Scott Atlas had to publicly apologize for his interview with “Kremlin-backed news”… or is Canada more relaxed about these things?


      1. Well, someone named Ward Churchill was once a tenured professor. Then he wrote something politically incorrect. A couple of months later he was accused of ‘research misconduct’, investigated, found guilty and fired. Sued, lost.

        I don’t think writing for RT rises to that level yet; not today, but tomorrow… who knows… things change.


  5. Dear Westerners! According to anonymous but very reliable sources, we can be sure that ‘Putin doesn’t want you to eat shit’. Surely, being red-blooded freedom lovin’ citizens of the Free World ™, you won’t fall for this obvious Kremlinite trap and do your UTMOST to show your independence… by doing the reverse?


    1. Thanks for posting, Peter. Always interesting to read what Helmer has to say. Very interesting points made about Marshal Kutuzov’s “Pont d’Or” in this context, although I am not sure it applies here, since Westie seem to want a full-on death-match against Russia, and may not even know to take that Golden Bridge if offered.

      That last bit very interesting too: Russian public opinion knows overwhelmingly (82%) that West is out to get them; and mostly trusts their government to defend them from foreign enemies; but are not so trusting in govt when it comes to the vaccine.
      I think that last part is just common sense: Nobody wants to be a pioneer in taking a brand new vaccine. People can trust that their government is not lying or out to kill them; and not be an anti-vaxxer at all; yet worried there might be some medical complications that were not anticipated. So they might want to wait and see what happens to the first round of people who get it.


  6. P.S. – on topic of vaccines and plagues and stuff, yesterday I finished posting my book review of John Wilson’s City of the Plague. In this final segment I do a recap of the entire storyline starting from where Pushkin’s “Feast in Plague Time” ends; that way you can catch up with the other characters and their various adventures, right up to the point where most of them die from the plague and get tossed into the common pit.


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