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  1. Good article Professor however you do not mention that The Autonomous zone of Nagorno Karabakh was recognised by international law as part of Azerbaijan.

    Plus as you state the 7 areas of Azerbaijan captured as a buffer zone in 1991

    This has always been the key factor in this war – that the law was on Azerbaijan’s side.

    Now we have for a least five years – a Russian base in Azerbaijan – I don’t know why Aliyev agreed to this – perhaps he is smart in that it acts as a counterbalance to Turkey who are seeking control over Azerbaijan ???

    Iran I am sure will be content with this – they have interests in keeping out NATO – Turkey is NATO

    Russia also now needs to be careful about visitors from Azerbaijan as these could be jihadis
    Azerbaijan hopefully will not be infected by Erdogans type of “Ottomanism”


      1. Although the Armenians claim that Salafist jihadists poured in and helped to secure the victory for Azerbaijan. At least that was one of Pashinyan’s excuses. I have no idea if that claim is true, or not. I mean, regarding the jihadists.


      2. Turkey sent jihadis from Syria to help the war

        France / USA /Iran as well as Russia made statements about this.

        Azerbaijan is Shia as you state, but they are allied with Turkey who imported the jihadis from idlib.


  2. From the aforementioned RT piece:

    “While this would oblige Armenia to abandon its support for Karabakh independence, it would allow the province to regain its unity and permit those who have fled it during the current war to return home.”


    Along with the every internationally recognized nation, Armenia hasn’t formally come out in support of recognizing Nagorno-Karabakh (NK) as either an independent entity or part of Armenia. This stance comes across as diplomatically compromising the Armenian position.

    Transnistria, Abkhazia and South Ossetia recognize NK as do the US states of California, Georgia, Hawaii, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Rhode Island, Colorado and


  3. Epigraph:

    “Падонки, мерзавцы, негодяи – ррррррразвалили страну!”
    – Vladimir Volfovich Zhirinovsky on basically any occasion.

    Once again. This picture:

    ^ 2018 Armenia’s “Velvet Revolution”. To paraphrase Taras Bulba: “What, son, did your Westerners help you?”

    I remember how 3 months ago the collective liberal hivemind (both Russian and Western) had been touting the so-called “Armenian scenario” as a viable alternative for Belorussia – and the Kremlin – and as some kind of success story. Well, guess what? Sly kolkhoznik Lukashenko is still here, while sorosyonok Pashinyan had his residence looted, and even now the crowds in Yerevan pogrom Radio Liberty and Soros’ Open Society offices, claiming them to be “voice of the government”.

    Once again – if you get a successful “maidan” in your country, expect to start shedding territories, as the consequences of your “democratic lustrations” and *cheap* nationalism.

    “If the final status of Nagorno-Karabakh isn’t settled by then, one can well imagine that Azerbaijan will ask the Russians to leave and then rapidly finish off the job by military means.”

    Gentelbeings, please raise your hands those of you, who honestly believe that Russia will humbly pack and go away if “asked” to do so by Azerbaijan.

    The article is blind, by deliverately taking everything at face value. The final solution of Artsakh/Nagorno Karabakh problem is not in Russia’s interests. This new paradigm, which makes this “breakaway province” ™ Russia’s client, instead of Armenia’s, is what is really important.

    “In short, Moscow has good reason to be happy with Monday’s agreement, but one should not imagine that everyone can now sit back and relax.”

    You know that Moscow has all the reasons to be happy, because of the wailing and the gnashing of teeth coming from the Western punditry, commentariat and armchair military experts whose surnames imply their ancestors were jewelers.

    The short and concise list of their complaints:

    A) Russia sidelines both Europe and the US in the diplomatic process, as the only country member of the so-called “Minsk Process” who did anything. Remember how Macron promised to send troops or for the American Borg to sanction the Heck out of Baku/Ankara? Me neither.

    B) According to them this shows that the world has entered the “dog eat dog” and “might makes right” paradigm. Newsflash! The world has been living in this “paradigm” all this time. It’s just the US of A that was that top dog whose might made it right all the time. By voicing this complaint, therefore, Western commentariat is instead saying sic transit gloria mundi about their global Empire. Huh, remember how SecState Kerry thought that Putin is “wrong” by being stuck in “19th century thinking”? Fun times (all around)!

    C) Collective Western leadership proved itself a bunch of spineless appeasers stuck in the Cold War thinking about Turkey being “indispensible nation”. For a change, I agree with them kvetching masses on this issue. I only wish to wonder (rhetorically, you know) about the number of tanks and planes in, say, the NATO members Greece and Germany, compared to the NATO member Turkey. The old adage of “those who don’t want to feed their own army gonna feed someone’s else army” still works.

    D) Russia got a foothold in the Southern Caucasus. In the zero-sum game world, which the Western liberal cosmopolite clergy inhabit, it amounts to Bad News. Ah… boo-hoo? Given that room temperature (in Celsius, not Fahrenheit) collective IQ of the State Department is a norm not an exception… they’ll have to just learn how to live with it.

    E) Armenia’s military defeat and (conditional) surrender “undermines a nascent democracy” (c). Now “corrupt oligarchs” might topple Western darling Pashinyan. One has to ask, why allegedly not corrupt Pashinyan failed to tackle the corruption in his own military? Why his intelligence services, filled to the gills with his Regime loyalists, failed to warn and prepare for the war? Why, as Pashinyan have admitted it personally just this week, did Armenia had trouble mobilizing for war? Why, finally, he did not formally declare war or officially annex Artsakh? The answer is, that couped in by the colour “revolutions” Western darlings are merely sock-puppets, more afraid to anger their Western “friends”, than to plan let alone do something for real.

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    1. yes, yalensis, I agree not bad. One interesting historical reference.

      The final solution of Artsakh/Nagorno Karabakh problem is not in Russia’s interests.

      Would I be wrong to assume what raises it to excellent for you is the larger snide-pattern?

      Quite a few arm-chair generals in the RT comment section too. That is a rather interesting phenomenon overall in comparable contexts. My team vs yours, including rather curious picks along the line of: my enemy’s enemy is my friend. What do you think: in blob/Borg/deep state quarters hidden beneath the politer expression something comparable is going on. Look, I ask as nitwit.


  4. At the last minute, Armenia somehow obtained an electronic system that swiftly destroyed 9 large Azeri drones. Turkish made. “Oh, by the way, just so you don’t think you’re hot stuff”.

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      1. @ Mikhail: the Azerbaijani side had to take responsibility for bringing down the Russian helicopter with a MANPAD. (This was more likely done by an imported jihadi to provoke the Russians and draw them into supporting Armenia but Moscow saw thru that ruse.) Aliyev has had to promise to find and punish those who shot down the helicopter, and maybe also apologise to the families of two dead crew.


      2. Jennifer,

        Some assume it was the Turks themselves (not that other group you mention) who actually took it down. Regardless, Aliyev diffused that situation with a quick acknowledgement (saying Azerbaijan did it in error), apology and offer for compensation.

        The Azeri side denies any Jihadi role, knowing the bad publicity angle. That point can explain Aliyev’s stance if the Jihadis were involved.


  5. Hey, Professor! Given your newfound love of promoting Russia Today’s content, could you spare a bit of your precious time for a shout-out/comment to the fellow “Russia expert” and his “analysis” of the same issue?

    America no longer ‘a neighbor to every country on Earth’ — surprise Armenia/Azerbaijan peace deal evidence of changing world order

    Or, what, Fyodor Lukyanov is (as per your Anglo-Saxons expression) “a chopped liver” for you?


    1. There’re different ways of being “mean” as you are clearly aware. His is more direct than some others like…..

      Regarding the subject of disputed former Soviet territories related to what the professor here has commented on:


      The Kiev regime has the motivation of the:

      – pretty successful Azeri advance

      – apparent Biden victory over Trump

      – perhaps the perception that Russia might feel it has too much of a full plate with obligations in Syria and Azerbaijan.

      Your frequently promoted McFaul along with some others you regularly prop couldn’t do a better summation on such matter.

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    2. Lyttenburgh Is someone who tells it as it is!
      Straight to the point

      You can agree or disagree

      But come back with facts not emotion –
      – makes for good debate


      1. Establishment propping, which among other things includes posting Meduza articles at the top and Strategic Culture Foundations ones near the bottom.


      2. Actually, I learn from Lyttenburgh, not denigrating him. I’m simply curious.

        I found this by Lyttenburgh: “Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Russian, born and raised, who lives in Russia still – constantly commuting between Moscow and the oblast on weekly basis. I grew up as a child during the Rough 90s in Yekaterinburg and then, due to a number of circumstances, my family relocated to southern Moscow oblast. I’m member of Russian/Soviet intelligentsia in 3rd generation, coming from the worker-peasant (and soldier) stock.”


    1. Worthwhile for studying propaganda.

      Matthew Bryza disparages Russian peacekeepers in the former Georgian SSR without notation that it was the Georgian side under the neocon/neolib preferred Saakashvili, which brazenly killed Russian peacekeepers and some other Russian citizens. Bryza rehashes questionable anti-Russian claims on how the 2008 war in the former Georgian SSR started.

      Bryza says that Armenia has just suffered its greatest defeat since the Bolsheviks. What utter BS given the genocide of the Armenians, which isn’t recognized by Turkey and Azerbaijan. My anti-Communism aside, the USSR provided Armenia with a republic.

      Prior to the USSR, Armenians were slaughtered largely on account of the belief that they favored Russia over Turkey.


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