Wrong again

So, in my last post I said that I’d be wrong about Russia being able to play an important role in bringing peace to Nagorno-Karabakh, and that the pundits were right to say how weak the conflict made Russia look. And then a couple of hours later, Russia brokers a peace settlement. Which means that I’d been originally right, but then wrong to say that I’d been wrong. Or something like that. I’m confused.

Anyway, it’s late at night. I’ll come back to this once the full details are clearer.

10 thoughts on “Wrong again”

  1. Video all over the internet of

    1. Russian peacekeepers arriving in Nagorno Karabakh
    -United Nations refugee settlements organisation is involved to bring back the Armenians who left when Azeris advanced into Nagorno karabakh proper.

    2. Celebrations in Baku – They keep the land they won during this war – but as I understand it they are not being given Nagorno Karabakh until certain “confidence building” measures have been completed

    3. Anger in Yerevan – Pashyan is finished
    So many mistakes – which I won’t go into here

    4. Turkey is not part of any of the written agreements I have seen
    Aliyev saying they will be peacekeepers – but no official agreement on this

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  2. Wokesterism has entered Armenia and the politics of war.
    Not only an one determine one subjectively ones gender – whatever gender means – now according to Pashyan as long as you do not acknowledge what you think is a defeat (why not just say “we gave up some lands because we wanted peace”, a much better lie) it apparently makes it a victory.

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  3. From the Russo-centric point of view, this episode, I believe, can be described as ‘the RF has defeated the “velvet” Armenian color revolution of 2018’.

    It was a complicated game. And with some trade-offs, like the increased Turkish influence in the region. Although, looking at the situation in and around Turkey, probably not long-lasting.

    And the situation in the US was the key, I think. Had the US foreign policy been controlled, as usual, by the neocon/Soros elements, we would’ve seen NATO shooting cruise missiles at Azeri positions.

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    1. Increased influence is debatable

      Turkish influence in Azerbaijan and Georgia – was already established.

      In my view Aliyev should not become too dependent on Erdogan.

      It looks weak that he needed the help and cover of Turkey with imported jihadis.

      I would like to know what Iran thinks of all this as they are in the region also


  4. Wouldn’t be surprised that the shooting down of the Russian helicopter played part here. Russia could have used this incident as a stick (not used) but in “full view” – a simple question: “do you want peace or war”?



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