7 thoughts on “Russians watch less TV. Little changes”

  1. Overall, Americans are more duped (subconsciously or otherwise) by their mass media than Russians are of theirs.

    Western establishment types suggest that if a source doesn’t appear in a major Anglo-American news outlet, it’s on account of lacking quality.

    Consider how The NYT, the Council on Foreign Relations’ Carla Robbins and frequent mass media talking head Evelyn Farkas covered me, as well as a number of other issues.





  2. I used to think so, but I don’t really think it’s a tenable viewpoint any longer. Opinion polls since the late 2010s have been showing plummeting support for multiple planks of Putinism precisely amongst the younger people who have switched over to the Internet.

    The problem is that the Internet is dominated by Western tech giants, who pursue their own US-centric cultural and political agenda (e.g. pushing Navaly, Dud’, #BLM, etc. propaganda onto Russia) and even to the extent that Russian companies remain competitive on Russian domestic markets they are increasingly infiltrated by “Woke Capital” (where is Yandex registered?). This is, incidentally, not the case for China, which has its own fully insulated and self-contained IT ecosystem, and where support for the CPC doesn’t decrease with age (if anything Chinese youth are marginally more supportive).

    I don’t think the boomers in the kremlins quite realize what is happening and this may end up backfiring on them, e.g. 2023-4 is a likely date.


    1. But, do I understand correctly that the woke segment, even in the West, is comprised mostly of ‘liberal arts’/’humanitarian’ students, graduates, and academics?

      If so, how widespread, how influential can it be? Isn’t it a paper tiger?


    2. Not all viewers on internet content are watching politics

      Not all viewers are woke

      I would also suggest that young people are outside enjoying life, with friends, travelling etc
      They will watch less TV naturally.


      1. “Not all viewers are woke” – that’s for sure!

        Internet is a veritable potpourri of every possible position the human mind can twist itself around.


    3. increasingly infiltrated by “Woke Capital”

      What is woke, dear friends? Other than a slogan? Woke, virtue signalling? I admittedly found the latter more interesting.

      And how is it related to capital? Too much of the duopoly the-best-democracy-money-can-buy sponsors on the wrong side of the political axis?



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