20 thoughts on “Russia votes for status quo”

  1. Prilepin is an ultra-nationalist? Hmm. I watched him a few times on youtube, and he sounded perfectly reasonable. Sounded like a normal Russian ‘passionary’, with a hunger for justice and all that.


    1. I don’t believe that Prilepin is an “ultra-nationalist”. He is an anti-fascist who fought against the Ukrainian Nazis in the Donbass. That does not make of him a Great Russian Chauvinist, in my opinion.


  2. That Prilepin?

    “Prilepins position is in line with the current (2014–2015) Russian conservative and patriotic mainstream, while he can also be identied as a conservative radical oppositional leftist. He identies himself as a patriotic conservative, but the basis of this identication is principally constructed vis-à-vis his radical and oppositional position, outlined in his Sankia and repeat-ed in our interviews as well as public appearances. Consequently, he aims to create his radical and oppositional reputation as a person, who is not liberal and whose views do not contradict conservatism and traditionalism.”

    The guy sounds a bit more complex than just a “fringe nationlist”.


  3. “The impact of smart voting is hard to determine.”

    No, it’s actually very easy. “Dumb voting” demonstrated its utter and complete failure. What, professor, if Navalny/his minions will proclaim tomorrow, that both sunrise and sunset happened due to their efforts, you’d as well saying that “it is hard to determine” (c) the truthfulness of this statement? Or does your perennial liberal outlook forces you to deny the reality lest you’d be accused to be “pro-Regime”? Don’t worry – the mere fact, that RT publishes you makes you a legitimate target for the future lustrations (which are inevitable).

    “Even more strikingly, the Rodina party swept to power in Tambov, 500km southeast of Moscow, gaining 44 percent of the vote and a majority of seats on the city council. “

    Why are you not saying here, Professor, that “Team Navalny” took responsobility for Rodina’s success as well? Big N’s second in command Leo Volkov (a sexual harraser, citizen of Luxemburg and the EU resident, who fled Russia so not to pay the alimony money to his first wife) in his latest YT video, pathetically bleated that “Smart Voting” did that… but, please, don’t worry that it was Rodina that won!

    “For Truth and Rodina might both be called ‘ultra-nationalist’ parties, Prilepin having fought for the rebels in Eastern Ukraine”

    Since when does the fact that you fought against Kiev’s goons in Donbass turns you into “ultra-nationalist”? Please, share you opinion, Professor.

    “For now, the nationalist right presents a more significant electoral threat to Russia’s main parties than the liberals”

    If anything, both Rodina and Prilepin’s party are “nationalist” left.


    The article does not contain any reflection from you, Professor, on why “your” predictions published just a few days aga failed to materialize. In fact, you express neither regret nor humility at being proven wrong, instead chirping happily in the hope, that your readership has the memore of a sclerotic goldfish.

    Let me remind everyone:

    “This suggests that the central beneficiaries of local discontent are unlikely to be liberal opposition groups, but rather the ‘systemic’ opposition parties, the LDPR, the Communists, and Fair Russia. In Irkutsk, for instance, the Communist candidate Mikhail Shchapov is likely to get enough votes to force a second round of voting. And in Arkhangelsk and Yaroslavl (where there is a by-election for the State Duma), it is the candidates of Fair Russia who are reckoned to have the best chances of defeating United Russia.”

    No admission of being wrong from you, eh, Professor? Oh, well! Next time you’d demand for anyone else (most likely – Russia) to apologize and make amends, I gonna remind of your own less than stellar performance in that regard.


    1. You skip the next paragraph:

      “It is quite possible that United Russia will lose a few of this week’s local elections. It will, however, win most of them. Where it does lose, it will be systemic opposition which will reap the benefits. None of this suggests that the political system at the national level is under serious threat. ”

      Western pundits in general were saying ‘system under stress’, ‘ruling party losing popularity’, ‘defeats looming’ – I said, ‘not so fast. United Russia will come out on top – maybe lose a few, but nothing too significant. Non-systemic opposition unlikely to achieve much.’ Doesn’t seem to me that I got anything seriously wrong.


      1. “Western pundits in general were saying ‘system under stress’, ‘ruling party losing popularity’, ‘defeats looming’”

        Ah. So you bravely fought a strawman. Bravo!

        I’m well aware of your arse covering tactics (of which I wrote in comment section beneath that originally linked article), and I also read that last paragraph. But the thing is, your claim that “it will be systemic opposition which will reap the benefits” (c) is also proven to be not true. Rodina, New People, For the Truth are all non-systemic parties. Just because they are not anti-Kremlin does not make them “systemic”. They are, as you have repeatedly pointed out in this new article, “a fringe”.

        Now, please, for the general enLYTTENment of the commentariat here, can you provide an actual quote from your original article, where you said that “non liberal fringe will reap the benefits”?

        Meanwhile, actual Russia-watchers (that’s it – residents on Russia not poisoned by the perennial biases of the usual suspects who bear this moniker) knew that Something Will Happen. The amount of political ads for, say, The New People party became especially uncomfortable through the August, with several RuNet famous twitter accounts “allegedly” taking money to push their agenda. Prilepin likewise was making noises through the summer, and, as we know very well, bad PR is still a PR.

        Rodina success was totally unexpected – that’s true.

        Saying that “non-systemic opposition unlikely to achieve much” (c) (like you did, Professor), does not require much in the brainpower. What’s next – correctly predicting the coming of Thursday every week? No, you went a bit further – you’ve named not just the losers (that was easy), but also the winners (which is a bit harder).

        You were proven wrong. Will you admit that?

        P.S. Seriously, RT is not the best medium to propagate your thoughts on knocking down this partocular strawman. If you’d managed to get “printed” in the liberast media then your words would have some impact.


    1. Oh wait! The Belorussian Opposition says that the $1.5 billion is chump change, and Belorussia actually needs more like $4 billion bucks.
      Where to get this sum from? Oh, that’s easy. EU will give them the dough, but only after they overthrow Lukashenko.

      Tikhanovskaya has made it very clear that SHE is the President of Belorussia, not Lukashenko. Therefore, any deals he made with Russia are not binding. And once she is in power, the Westies will throw so much money at them, they won’t even know where to start, to spend it. It will be like a cornucopia! Uh huh.


      1. She really is “Juanita Guido”

        The sickening willingness to sell there country to the west is truly sad and disgraceful.

        What is also sad is the young people joining these campaigns.

        LUkashenko needs to clean house and get rid of the NGOs he foolishly aloud to flourish in the country

        They young people may read social media – but all they need to do is look at the recent history of Ukraine.

        Good that Belarus doesn’t have violent nazi and football hooligans to be paid to fight the security services.


      2. “actually needs more like $4 billion bucks”

        Selling Belorussia to the highest bidder? Do those idiots think that the EU is a charity club? Maybe they should talk to Greece before those “oppositional” nutjobs consider joining another Neoliberal Enterprise.


  4. Oh, and btw – Navalnyatas managed to elect not *7*, but only 6 of their candidates. Will you revise this mistake of yours, Professor?


      1. Like I wrote in previous topical blogpost comment section:

        At stake were *78 239* mandates all across Russia. “Smart voting” decided to support 1171 candidates in 66+ regional election campaigns of all levels (from the municipal elections to regional). In the end, they managed to “break through Regime’s barriers” and elect… *6*. That’s 0.51% success rate. Now “Navalnists” managed to win a whopping 0.0077% of the deputy seats. Wheee!


  5. Did a bit of research on the “New People” party. I was intrigued by the name, wondered if they were Lefties, evoking Chernyshevsky. Normally, “New People” is a term employed by communists, not unlike “Jacobin”, but no, turns out this party are a pro-big business ultra-bourgeois, they represent the genius entrepreneur class, I reckon, who want a bigger place at the trough. They should not have culturally appropriated a leftist phrase, but whatever…


    1. Interestingly, some commentators are calling New People a Kremlin-backed stalking horse designed to lure urban liberals away from Navalny and co. and into what are considered more harmless activities (part of New People’s shtick is that it will focus on the local, so one can see why the powers-that-be in Moscow might find that an attractive form of liberalism).


      1. “Interestingly, some commentators are calling New People a Kremlin-backed stalking horse designed to lure urban liberals away from Navalny and co. and into what are considered more harmless activities”

        Change “some commentators” to “virtually all of them not in New People’s pay”. It’s eternal quest in Russia – to create a “pro small/medium business” party, which is no liberast and actually pro-Russian. So far – no success here (see the fate of the “Civic Platform”, “Party of the Growth” – or even of the old “Union of the Right Forces”).

        It became apparent to me who they really were, when I learned that “sci-fi” author Roman Zlotnikov is one of the key members. Zlotnikov is famous for writing alt-hist/far future fantasy about imaginary Russia That We Have LostЪ. It’s a rare example, when people should judge the book by the cover:

        P.S. Professor, when will you correct your factological mistake? Navalnites elected *6* of their minions, not *7*


    2. Any group that uses “New” in their title is a fake

      Is say this because of Tony Blair and “New Labour”.
      Which was Neo-liberalism on steroids!!!
      He promoted more War and debt and selling off the public assets, open borders – all policies that led to the Labour Party loosing 5 million voters and loosing 50 mps in Scotland, rise of nationalism which ended in Brexit and a decade or more of Conservatives government.


      1. Yikes. In the Russian civilizational (post-Communist) world, seems like most marginal political parties are just based around a single individual leader. It’s not like they have actual programs, or anything…


  6. For those few who

    a) Read the article linled in the blogpost.
    b) Is still interestd in the results of the elections

    The mystery of Tambov’s “Rodina” electoral success is finally solved!

    The head honcho of the victorious team is one certain Maksim Kosenkov. Vice mayor of Tambov (2000-2004), deputy governor of the Tambov region (2004-2005), mayor of Tambov (2005-2008). Naturally – member of the United Russia party nearly since its inception. You know – typical face of the “Resistance”.

    In April 2008 he was arrested on charges of organizing kidnapping of the citizen of the Ukraine and administrative malfeasance. He was promptly kicked out of the UR, and then in 2009 sentenced to serve 9.5 years in prison (later shortened to 7 years and 7 months after an appeal). Upon his release, he, apparently, re-activated his local assets and then made local anemic chapter of the “Rodina” party an offer they can not refuse.

    So… Navalnite’s “Smart Voting” supported (by their own claim) a candidate who was a:

    a) Convicted criminal
    b) Former member of the United Russia.


    Dear Westerners and other members of the commentariat gracing the digital pages of the Irrusionality! Your press won’t report that. Why? Why ambiguity and ruination of the Narrative (i.e. Forces of Light vs The Bloody Regime). But here you go – I’m giving you the dirty easily Googlable/Yandexable dirty underside of the Russian politics. Warts and all.


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