Christmas cheer

I was recently interviewed about my Russian Conservatism book for a couple of podcasts. These have now been published online. So, if you are looking for some Christmas cheer, you can listen to me at the links below:

National Review :

New Books Network:

Happy holidays!

3 thoughts on “Christmas cheer”

  1. appreciated:

    Robinson begins by tackling the thorny question of how to define conservatism in the Russian context and introduces readers to the “principle of organicism.”

    I’ve read (at the time for me) convincing arguments how “organic” was misused in the political talk by my country’s “political romantics”. Thus I appreciate the careful phrasing and your explanation.

    Otherwise. if I may? It feels you sounded a lot more relaxed in earlier audios then in your interview with John J. Miller. No harm meant.

    Hoping you had and have fine relaxing holidays including Boxing Day. Although that looks complex in Canada.


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