Friday object lesson no. 53: ERA

As a one-off, I am reprising my Friday object lesson series in order to show you all a little something I was given when in Moscow a couple of weeks ago.


What I find interesting about this is the acronym at the bottom – ERA. This stands for ‘Era Rossiiskoi Armii’ (Era of the Russian Army). You can’t imagine the Russian military creating such a self-confident slogan 10 years ago, after what was generally considered a less than stellar performance against the much weaker Georgian army. And you certainly can’t imagine it 20 years ago, in the midst of the Chechen wars. It’s a sign of how times have changed. The Russian military’s performance in the war in Syria (and perhaps also in Ukraine) has put a new spring in its step. Let’s hope that confidence doesn’t turn into arrogance.

5 thoughts on “Friday object lesson no. 53: ERA”

  1. Considering the care that the Russian gvt takes to limit objectives & tailor means to ends, as opposed to the West’s practice of undertaking the total transformation of opposing societies, bungling through blind arrogance, incompetence, & underresourcing the effort, leaving human, social, & economic wreckage in their wake, I don’t think Russian arrogance is going to be a big problem for the world any time soon, at least by comparison to the problems posed by other international actors.


  2. “Let’s hope that confidence doesn’t turn into arrogance.”

    I’ll bite this one, and respond with the following:

    But, yeah. Little senteces like this one in the very end of your blogpost are what helps cover one’s a… make you sound “neutral and balanced”, Professor!


  3. Ah, but of course it will turn into arrogance – given the right circumstances. Pride+success = arrogance, eventually, inevitably. And we are a proud people.


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