Travelling again

Apologies for the prolonged lack of posts on this blog. In part, this is due to lack of inspiration; mostly, though, it’s due to the burden of my teaching responsibilities, first preparing a bunch of students for a trip to Russia, and then going to Russia with them. We’re now in Moscow. With luck, I’ll find a moment to share some impressions.

Here I am at the top of the Federation Tower last night, where I took part in a very Russian dinner, with an hour+ of toasts and speeches.


6 thoughts on “Travelling again”

    1. Hard esp if one does not drink. Though possibly even harder if one does drink… Never saw a sky so blue as that above the Volga in June 2000.
      And the Dutch did not won their ‘own’ European bout, then, causing another hangover in Nizhnii; perhaps tomorrow they can redeem themselves, even if a game vPortugal can only be dreadful. Twenty reds and yellows, if so. So come on you Harries! You can deal with Pepe…


  1. Paging userperson Aule Valar, who made 2 months ago the following prediction:

    “Several regional governors (I heard the number six) are going to be relieved of their positions soon… The political commenters build their analysis on inside information of who is gonna take the position – younger, experienced in management and HR, not shying from meeting the people etc – to draw a rather interesting vision.”

    I offered you a 2 months bet, for which you did not respond. Because to answer honestly, would mean for you admit, that you relied on shit-show TG-channel of the “insider” like Nezygar (which holds no legal responsibility for the crap it posts), who never had any credibility. Also – being truthful would have forced you to admit, that the “prophecy” dates back to March, and names April (you know – the month when you shared your “insight” with us) as the Day of Judgment. So – all possible expiration dates are now long in the past.

    For the Enlightened Western Public ™, which knows literally nothing about Russia and its internal politics, this might work. For those less ignorant, you, Aule Valar, look either as a liar or like an idiot.

    Now, 2 month later, after the prediction that the governors of Volgograd. Ulyanovsk and Saratov oblasts will be fired, we have only 1 (ONE) resignation – of the acting Astrakhan region’s governor, by all indications, really due to personal reasons.

    Dear readers and commenters of Irrussianality, and also guests and lurkers! If someone somewhere peddles to you a “hidden truth” or “inside information” about the events soon to happen in Russia – pelt these persons with refuse and word abuse. They deserve it. Dear userperson Aule Valar! I won’t be saying, that your thoughtless repeating of gossiping/outright lying makes Jesus cry. I’m going to say this makes you look like someone, who eats shit – and enjoys it.


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