17 thoughts on “Travelling (2)”

  1. Is this Cambridge University?

    The building in the second photo reminds me of the university building in the old ’70s Doctor Who adventure “Shada” where the intergalactic criminal on the lam masquerading as a gentle absent-minded English professor had his office (and kept his Tardis).

    Well it had a quadrangle anyway.


      1. Could be a quadrangle, meaning could be Oxford. I am sure I looked you up. But forget now. Scanned rather superficially, admittedly, the earlier responses.

        The library bit looks great. That’s a bigger one. Had one in the text I am working on. That was Oxford. And there were quadrangles.


    1. Right hand this: looks pretty close, it feels. On the other hand, I may be too focused on details, that exist elsewere:

      On the other hand, I may be to focused on details that exist elsewhere.

      Library: The Bodleian? That’s round too. Didn’t realize. Oxford college and University history, architectural history, back to the European center of Christianity (did I get into a trap here?), must be interesting:

      Are you planning to return to the Kingdom? Or is it some type of nostalgia trip? OK, forget.

      But no more time to guess, I’ll leave it others.


  2. Merton – and sorry about misspelling “Christi” (embarrassing really, as I was there a year in the 1980’s). I spent my time in the philosophy faculty library. (Don’t think tha’ts your library, but I was engrossed at the time, so could be wrong.)

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  3. Brasenose College? Considering your field you could have been to a lot of Colleges.

    I am lover of libraries of course. As far as the picture right is concerned. I hope someone will clear up matters soon.

    This is an interesting task. Lots of advantages the web offers, but in this case one realizes its limits. At least the impatient does. It is not the Bodleian?



    1. By the way, we do have a Shakespeare First Folio too, here in Cologne university library. One of the few cases I experienced I had to look at it behind a bar, I usually stood in front of as user.


  4. Merton is correct – Mob Quad, supposedly the oldest in Oxford. Library is that of the Oxford Union Society, where I spent altogether too many of my undergraduate hours.


    1. Paul, or should I say ‘Professor Robinson’:

      I see I need to be cautious.

      As to Merton, I have no objections. Some of us recall the days when E.W.B. Gill, one of the great unsung heroes of British intelligence in the twentieth century, tried to drag that college into the modern age.

      But the students’ union?

      My late father and I have spent much too much time trying to deal with Oxford, and Cambridge, ‘student politician’ types.

      I have never had anything to do with your contemporary Boris Johnson.

      But, there are other familiar figures: Peter, now Lord, Mandelson, once briefly my researcher at London Weekend Television, who became a, if not the, principal architect of that abominable phenomenon, ‘New Labour’; another LWT colleague, David Aaronovitch, also important in ‘New Labour’, with whom both my father and I have had to deal; and now, Christopher Steele.

      Unfortunately, from now on my great admiration for your writings has to be qualified by a prudent suspicion.

      (As with ex-communists – some of them, like Denis Healey, turn sane, others, Aaronovitch being only one of very many salient examples, simply exchange one set of lunacies for another.)


      1. On a point of pure pedantry, the Union Society is not the students union, but a private club.


      2. David, I am admittedly always surprised about the enormous psychological energy or energy investment, if I may, that seem to lie behind comments like this.

        What was the left journal/paper/media, I seem to remember it was 70s, 80s. And I seem to remember you considered it as some type of evil. Were there links to Ox-Bridge too?


    2. Oxford Union Society is the society that stages these terrific debates?
      I love those.
      Yes it is:

      I stumbled across Mob Quad while looking into Quadrangles. I do recall I had to smile reading the last passage about the origin of the word.

      I am envious must have been a great place to study. 😉


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