10 thoughts on “Travelling”

      1. That’s exactly what I wanted to say after seeing the picture! But someone beat me to it. Of course I would have been guessing a bit, but it’s obviously a Roman Bath, and you mostly travel for business or personal reasons, and that limits the guess to the Roman region of England as there are no Roman baths in Russia or Canada. The most famous and well preserved place that still has water filled up to the full level is in Bath, so that has to be the guess.

        Regarding the wristwatch… no offense, but those things are worn by people of a generation ahead of mine (well, that was a neutral way to put it) as we all just use our smartphones. The bright colors suggest influence of the person wearing it having children, whether it belongs to them, was bought as a present for the oldie parent, or they influenced the personality of the parent.


      2. Well, one of the few school field trips we ever took at my school was to Bath and the Roman Museum there. And it is an iconic part of Britain’s Roman heritage.


    1. Answer is Lego watch. It comes with lots of interchangeable plastic links of various colours, allowing one to design whatever watch strap one wants, and even change it daily if one’s that way inclined.


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