3 thoughts on “60 minutes”

  1. We watched yesterday the show 60 MINUTES and were surprised to see you there. Overall, it is good impression! Good start! Sure, you will be invited to othrer TV political discussions and more often. There are a few people in that field from western expert community who speak Russian. The only person I’ve seen is P.Dudkevich. You do very important work for both countries for better undestanding each other. Or at least a good try to start a dialog. Good luck!


  2. I don’t like “60 mins”. “Evening with Vladimir Solovyov” has more… “colourful” cast and provides with enough shouting and emotionally charged polemics to wade through the night.

    1) They called you “Paul Robertson” first [28:20]? Gee, that was… lame.

    2) How could youn stand together with such brave, honest and totally non-hypocritical Ukrainian journalist like Roman Tsymbalyuk (who dares to voice the hot burning racially Ukrainian Truth in the Den of the Beast) and turn blind from his svidomi radiance? Could it be because you, as a Canadaian, live in a country founded by the Ukrainians and are already used to this all permeating radia…nce?

    3) Wait, what? “Our extremists” said about such handshakable people?!


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