Video bridge, Ottawa-Simferopol

Today, I participated in a ‘videobridge’ with Sergei Iurchenko of V.I. Vernadsky Crimean Federal University and Aleksandr Bedritskii of the Tauride Information-Analytical Centre. Those of you who speak Russian can watch it here:



2 thoughts on “Video bridge, Ottawa-Simferopol”

    1. ^Anatoly “The Failed To Fit Into The Market” Chubais decided to bankroll “Sputnik i Pogrom” under the influence of his wife – “for her the aesthecism is more importnat than the ethicals”.

      To quote the occultist cook Jurajda from “The Good Soldier Sveijk”: “Aesthetes are homesevuals. It derives from the very nature of aesthecism”. Also – what Maxim Gorky said about fascism. And Prosvirnin’s homoerotic fantasies leaked online. It all fits in.


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