Moscow News

Apologies for the lack of posts. I have been busy doing research in Moscow for my book on Russian conservatism. Today I conducted a couple of interviews, including one with the man standing next to me below. I’ll post the interviews on this site once they have been transcribed and translated.


11 thoughts on “Moscow News”

  1. I see that you are in good hands, Professor! How did Mr. Dugin manage to find a time for you with his busy schedule? 😉


      1. Were you able to spend much time with Karaganov? I suspect that his views might be more “useful” than those of Dugin.


  2. Is this man really to be taken seriously?
    I understand he is as sacked from his job?
    What influence if any does he have on discourse in Russia?!
    I never hear him refererred to except by people in the west who are interested in him


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