I’ve spent the last week in Florence, thus the lack of posts. I read in the BBC that Europe is experiencing its greatest heatwave in a decade, with temperatures in Italy 10 degrees above normal. I can believe it. This is what it feels like:


5 thoughts on “Heatwave”

      1. Currently, there are two dominant schools of thought in the RuNet, trying to explain this year’s lack of Summer in Russia. One says it’s because of the aura of St. Nicholas (aka Santa Klaus) relics bringing a little bit of winter with them.

        Other blames everying on the modern obsession with fidget spinners.

        ^Makes total sense! [nod, nod]


  1. It was kinda cold in Europe when I left for N.America, about 10 days ago. But today, I just heard it’s 40C in Budapest. That’s real high. I don’t remember 40. Although it’s mostly dry heat, not too terrible.


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