Homeless in Kitezh

This is too funny:

Every year, the US State Department releases a report on ‘Trafficking in Persons’. The 2017 report is now available. This is what it has to say about Russia:

The government generally did not undertake efforts to protect human trafficking victims and did not publicly report having identified or assisted victims. …  During the reporting period, a homeless shelter run by the Russian Orthodox Church in Kitezh began accepting trafficking victims and offered them food and housing, though not medical or psychological care; the government did not provide financial support for the shelter.

Kitezh, by the way, is a mythical sunken city, the Russian equivalent of Atlantis (and not, as in Return of the Tomb Raider, hidden somewhere in the mountains of Siberia).

HT to that well-known source of ‘fake news’, RT, for bringing the story to my attention. I’ve checked it out. It’s true. You can access the entire State Department report here. The part of the report dealing with Russia is here.

Update: Citing RT, The Moscow Times reports that, ‘It is likely that the U.S. State Department’s report was referring to a shelter run by the Russian Orthodox Church called “Kitezh” in the village of Milyukovo close to Moscow. Perhaps the State Department mistook the shelter’s name for its location, surmised RT.’

10 thoughts on “Homeless in Kitezh”

  1. Why, yes! If one handshakable (read: Democrat) American legislator can believe in pro-Russian coup which installs Doctor Aybolit as the dictator for life in Limpopo, and that the rebel forces of the moderate pirate Barmaley still hold out on the mountain Fernando-Po (where roams wild hippo-po) – why not Kitezh?!


    Oh, and one more thing. In Strugatsky Brothers novel “Tale about Trioka” Kitezh is the closed city devoted to the high end bureaucracy and tightfistisness, when it comes to providing scientists with the research materials and funds. Coincidence? 😉


  2. Your ironic comment on RT is not really justified as USSD obviously planted a low hanging fruit for RT to pick up here with their Kitezh stupidity. A more representative example of RT modus operandi would be censoring Lavrov’s beautiful statement “мы зря ввязались в конфликт на Донбассе, зря ввязались в Сирийский конфликт”. Uncensored interview for comparison.


    1. “Your ironic comment on RT is not really justified as USSD obviously planted a low hanging fruit for RT to pick up here with their Kitezh stupidity”

      Ooooooh! Conspiracy theory – goody-goody! So, you claim, Harry, that USSD did it deliberately, so that RT (and others, I hope) would paint them as incompetent morons. Ah… why? What will USSD “wind” by doing that? Tell us, please!

      ” Uncensored interview for comparison.”

      Excellent. Did you operate, Harry, on the presumption, that no one here knows Russian? Here Lavrov says [0:07]: “I heard and read such critique, when the people claim «We shouldn’t have involved ourselves in Donbass conflict, we shouldn’t have involved ourselves in Syria».”. And then he proceeds to criticize those who claim that. So your claim, Harry, that RT somehow “censored” Lavorv is a lie.

      Oh, wait, Harry! You probably thought we gonna just believe you without clicking the video you linked, right?


  3. I was not surprised to find that all the enemies of the US are rated Tier 3 (worst of the worst).

    China, Iran, Russia, Syria, Venezuela.


  4. I am still trying to get my head around this. Is there really no fact checker, no editorial oversight, no process of confirmation and revision?


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