Foreign meddling in elections uncovered

‘New report alleges outside influence in Canada’s 2015 election’ screams a headline in today’s Calgary Herald. The article quotes former Conservative MP Joan Crockatt, who lost her Calgary Central seat in 2015, as saying that, ‘Foreign money meddled in a big way in our election and that’s not right. Foreign money … arguably changed the outcome of our Canadian election. It needs to be taken very seriously and investigated.’

Damn those Russians! Can’t they just leave us alone, rather than trying to destroy democracy throughout the Western world?

Except, it wasn’t Russians, after all. It was (breathless pause) … Americans.

That’s correct, you heard it right. Americans.


According to the story, a group called Canada Decides, whose directors include Crockatt, have submitted a 36-page complaint to Elections Canada alleging foreign influence in the 2015 vote. The complaint centres around an organization called Leadnow which in 2015 targeted 29 Conservatives MPs, and ‘flew around the country … to distribute flyers and put up signs’, and also commissioned polls ‘urging citizens to strategically vote for the most winnable, left-of-centre candidate in order to defeat the Conservative candidate’.

As Leadnow is not a political party and wasn’t running candidates of its own, it was not subject to the limit of $8,788 which parties are allowed to spend campaigning in each riding. Because of their freedom from financial restrictions, non-party groups such as this are playing an increasing role in Canadian elections. In 2015, 114 such groups spent $6 million trying to influence the campaign. It turns out, however, that many of them, including Leadnow, receive much of their funding from the United States. The most significant contributor is an American organization known as the Tides Foundation, which is ‘known in Canada for holding numerous campaigns against the Canadian oil industry.’

The Calgary Herald claims that ‘In 2015, Tides Foundation donated $1.5 million to Canadian third parties’, including Leadnow. What effect this had it is hard to tell, but ‘Crockatt lost her Calgary Centre seat by 750 votes. Conservative MP Lawrence Toet lost his Manitoba seat … by 61 votes.’ Yves Cote, Commissioner of Elections Canada, is looking into the matter. ‘Issues of significance have been raised’, Cote told the Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee, ‘which in my view deserves Parliament taking the time to look at the situation, trying to understand what has happened.’

The collusion of our ruling party with agents of a foreign power needs the most thorough investigation! I demand that the matter be the subject of thousands of lines of newspaper coverage, and that Louise Mensch be put on the case! And I insist at the very least on the appointment of a Special Counsel! What did Trudeau know? Did he, or any of his team, meet with Americans? It’s time we found out.


10 thoughts on “Foreign meddling in elections uncovered”

  1. I indeed wait in anticipation for any possible Trudeau’s meetings with American politicians to come to light. I could almost imagine all the hysteria in the media that will follow.


  2. Professor, on the following day after St. Petersburg metro terrorist attack you had here, on your blog, a “Blowback” post.

    I also took a one day pause and ask you now – was the Manchester terrorist attack a blowback “resulting from military interventions in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria”? Or is me asking you that “cynical and mean”? If the policy of the UK (USA most fervent and doggishly loyal “ally”) “consists of bombing people in other countries in order to kill terrorists there, but the foreseeable side effect is that you radicalize some people who live in your own country and they then bomb you” can we use the term “blowback” here as a characteristic word for this “bad policy”?

    While you might not know whether what happened to the victims of the Manchester attack (many of them – kids your son’s age) a possibility of “blowback” scenario, surely,”deserves serious consideration and shouldn’t be dismissed out of hand because it’s politically inconvenient”. Do you agree with that?

    Also – you claim that to repeatedly say out and in Media “that terrorist attacks in Western countries may be a reaction to those countries’ foreign military adventures”. When shall we expect an article by you?


    1. I have said such things many times, and have been a long term critic of British military interventions. At this point I have nothing original or interesting to add and therefore regard further commentary on the matter pointless.

      It is worth asking, though, why Libya is a lawless mess in which the likes of the Manchester bomber can get terrorist training. Which country led the way in turning Libya into what it is now? Do such actions not have consequences?


    1. I’m sorry, but neither of the pieces are penned by you.

      How about abandoning double talk for a moment? Could you afford that? Or your academic prospects prevent you from that? I’e doing something more than deflecting with “I already told enought about that”. Thee is never “enough” or “just so” when we are talking about human lives lost, Professor. Be consistet.


  3. Yes, indeed, globalism is not just about free trade. Climate change is the biggest globalist project to date, and all the CO2 that the US dumps in the atmosphere interferes with our elections, just as the CO2 that the tarsands deposits (not to mention all the leaky pipelines we’re building — or planning to build — across the US) has an outsized impact on American elections.

    Call in CSIS! Launch a Royal Commission!

    (Full disclosure: I am a member of LeadNow)


    1. The elephant in the room is the American MIC contribution to the global pollution. You can’t do anythoing about it. A friend of mine live in Tennesee. Small town, mostly Methodists (no alcohol sales on Sundays!) – you get the picture. Their “town-building entrprise” is ammo factory.

      The ecology is shit. LIke – real shit. Really. Really. Shitty.

      The river suffers most of all. Not to “The Simpsons” three-eyed fish level, but enough to discourage swimming/fising in it.

      Yet – this ammo factory feeds the entire town.

      Another example – hero-city of Oakland, CA. They had naval base and hospital for the vets. All “ulgy expressions of the Militarism” ™. Lily-livered California linruls can’t stand that. They were removed – say good bye to 40 000 jobs!

      Now Oakland is crime-ridden morass, which perpetualy underfuded and undermanned local police can barely contain.

      And here you have. A two-eged sword – the much caveated “clean” world.


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