Aliens in Donetsk

Where did the Donbass rebels get their weapons in 2014? Many say that they got them from Russia. Many others say that they stole them from the Ukrainian army and security services. Others still maintain that it was a combination of the two. Now, the leader of the Donetsk People’s Republic, Alexander Zakharchenko, has revealed the truth.

Speaking in Gorlovka a couple of days ago, Zakharchenko said the following:

You know – in 2014, we met people from another planet. They gave us their technology. And we use this technology to work on the “Ukrops”.

Well, that’s settled then. I’m glad that we finally learnt the truth. No ‘fake news’ on this blog!

5 thoughts on “Aliens in Donetsk”

    1. That I didn’t know. It would make sense, and explain the humorous remark. Do you have a reference for the Georgians’ comment?


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