Friday book # 56: Life on the Russian Country Estate

This week’s book is too big for my scanner, so I have had to cut off the edges. It is also the last book on the shelf above my desk. That means that with this, the Friday book feature comes to an end. I will try to think of an alternative to decorate Fridays with something pictorial. All suggestions are gratefully received.


3 thoughts on “Friday book # 56: Life on the Russian Country Estate”

  1. As far as I am aware, Australia has not a single serious scholar on Russia. However, this stain on the nation’s character might have just been lifted to some extent. To wit, a retired Australian diplomat, Tony Kevin, has written a book, “Return to Moscow”, that challenges the dominant Gessen “narrative”. (The book is partly history, politics and personal according to Sakwa.)


  2. Here are some great pictorials (paintings) for many Fridays. “The Itinerants. Society For Circulating Art Exhibitions (1870-1923)”.
    Compiled by Andrei Lebedev. Aurora Art Publishers,
    Leningrad, 1982. RS.


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