Infamous Putinphile

My old University of Toronto friend Bill Szuch, who produces the UkeTube youtube channel, has published a rather fun interview with Taras Kuzio denouncing the ‘Russophiles’ and ‘Putinphiles’ in Canadian universities. The roll of honour is: myself (apparently I am ‘infamous’, which pleases me no end); Ivan Katchanovski (author of a well-known study of the shootings on Maidan); University of Ottawa’s Chair of Ukrainian Studies Dominique Arel (who I am sure will be most surprised to be listed among the Putinphiles); Mikhail Molchanov of St Thomas’ University; and Carleton University’s Piotr Diutkewicz. John-Paul Himka also gets a mention.

One thing which puzzles me is why Kuzio thinks that I am ‘anti-American’. What he gets right, however, is that there are quite a few Canadian academics – including several whom Kuzio didn’t mention – who don’t follow the normal Kremlin-bashing line and who have put forward alternative perspectives about the war in Ukraine as well as other issues (see, for instance chapters in this and this). In fact, it is interesting that scholarly analysis of these issues tends to be much more sober and balanced than what you read in the press.

Anyway, watch and enjoy below.


12 thoughts on “Infamous Putinphile”

  1. Next step – you will see your name in the lustrations list. Pan deputy Minister of the Interior of the Ukraine Gersaschenko will publish your names on their Mirotvorec site.

    If you think this is all jokes with no connections to reality and no chance of happening in the future – then you don’t know the Ukraine. They did, after all, renamed a street in Kiev after Bandera, banned all (even liberast) Russian media, and, probably, found the grave of Herucles – in Zhitomir oblast.

    ^Yes, Zeus was also Ukrainian. After all, as Alexander of Macedon said: “If I had just 7 Ukrainian bloggers, then Hercules himself would be incapable of cleaning away this amount of crap!”.

    You, Professor, now have only two choices – either post a YouTube clip of yourself in vyshivanka singing the Ukrainian щеня вмерла followed by your rendition “Putin – […], lalalala!”, or… be extreamly careful.

    As a compromise, you can buy off the loyalty of the svidomites by generous donations in the name of helping the volunteers in acquisition of armour vests, night visors and horylka. Send the money on PrivatBank card #1488666740


  2. Well, it must be some comfort to you that you are not the only one on the list. Unfortunately, I suspect that a similar list in Oz would be empty if it were restricted to serious Russian scholars. (Please correct me if I am obviously mistaken.) We are really like the Bandar-log monkeys.


  3. Moreover, all of this professors company are absolute separatists, trying to separate Canada from the Ukraine, all are moskals, anglo-sacson-tatars, do not want to speak Ukraine and whose ancestors are not from Tripol’s culture and hence do not have divite birth at any rate they are not Chronides. This is the main reason that they became Russophiles and Putinphiles, is it not?


  4. Well, south-of-the-border from you it’s pretty much full-blown mccarthyist hysteria. According to the articles I read, anyway.

    Are you sure you’re not going to suffer repercussions, one form or another?


  5. Molchanov had a pretty great paper on the economic merits between the EU association treaty (which happen to be very limited. Effectively, Ukraine becomes subjugated to Brussels without actually gaining access to subsidies or to the European market) and the EAU treaty (where the Yanukovich government successfully played “hard to get” and got some major finanical incentives). Since they cant actually factually refute him, they have to go with ad hominem.


  6. One is not necessarily a “-phile” anyone or any nation simply because one does not advocate attempted mutual nuclear annihilation with said person or nation.


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