5 thoughts on “Friday book # 54: One Soldier’s War”

  1. Arkady Babchenko (further – Babetta) is a shining example of the histerical butthurt living-not-by-a-lie so-called Russia democratic journalist (further – durnalist), who rabidly, furiously hates This Country, The Bloody Regime ™ and everything that other humans co-habiting it with him like in it. He does openly admits that he is a Russophobe. From the recent examples – he together with Bozhena Rynska (Kuritsina) expressed his unadulated joy and approval after the catastrophe of Tu-154 with Alexandrov’s choir musicians last year.

    Those readers, who hate Russia and Russians as passionately as your typical kreakl, EuroUkr, urbanite hipster and/or liberast with good face should without doubt read and re-read this book, receiving more and more confirmation bias about how “Russia is a shithole” and “Everything is Bad in This Country”.

    Those of you who really wan to learn about the harsh and really crappy realities of the 2 Chechen Wars in Russia’s recent history should read anything not by Babetta. E.G. of a good site that has such examples of “soldiers prose” is here. Or try Zakhar Prilepin, but nowadays he is not handshakable.

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  2. I think that the bppk should have Babchanko’s photo on its cover instead:

    Or at least some of the recent photos of the dear Author, who is so valiantly “lives-not-by-a-lie” in Putin’s Russia. Like this one:

    Right – Babchenko, left – Rustem Adagamov, another one valiant so-called Russian opposition activist and democratic journalist (durnalist) wanted in Russia for pedophilia. Place of the photo session – Kiev.

    P.S. Why PETA is silent?


    1. Yeah – he’s in Prague, Czechia, right now. Given the location, can we presu,e he secured a job at “Radio Liberty” for his precious self?


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