4 thoughts on “Radio interview”

  1. I weep. I weep for the radio host there truly represents what is the best that they can offer. If her’s are the best questions… Horror, horror…


  2. Certainly, the questions tell a sad story of the Canadian media’s knowledge and, to some extent, its journalistic practices. One would expect differently from them but, sadly, they are imitating the other mainstream media outlets. The real tragedy here is that it was a seven-minute interview. This kind of discussion deserves, at the bare minimum, thirty minutes (and more than once in a blue moon).

    One would think (and expect) that Canada would not replicate its southern neighbour. Sadly, it seems like they are. With the CPC and the LPC making matters worse, maybe it is time to look at the NDP? One could only hope that the NDP look at the big picture and change course. Someone ought to smell the coffee, hummus, or dill before it’s too late.


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