Fake sex news

Former Soviet dissident Vladimir Bukovsky went on trial last week in Britain for allegedly illegally downloading ‘thousands of indecent images of children over a 15-year period’. According to prosecutor William Carter, when confronted by police:

[Bukovsky] responded immediately by saying he did download images and that they would be on the computer in his study. … In an interview, Bukovsky told detectives he had become interested in child abuse images in the 1990s in the context of a debate on the control and censorship of the internet. … ‘Bukovsky said his initial curiosity turned into a hobby, rather like stamp collecting,’ Carter said. The dissident continued to download images between 1999 and 2014, and estimated that he had accumulated a collection of ‘1,500 movies’. His interest varied year by year. The last downloads took place days before his arrest.

Since then, Bukovsky has changed his tune, and he is now claiming that the images on his computer were planted by the Russian secret services in order to discredit him. Despite his earlier confession, and without any supporting evidence, Sunday’s New York Times ran a long story repeating this claim. According to the story:

This blurring of all boundaries between truth and falsehood in the service of operational needs has created a climate in Russia in which even the most serious and grotesque accusations, like those involving pedophilia, are simply a currency for settling scores. Mr. Bukovsky is far from the only one fending off such allegations.

Without a trace of irony, the New York Times alleged that the case illustrated a pattern of behaviour involving ‘the discrediting of foes and the shaping of public opinion through the spread of false information.’

Meanwhile, in a separate story, the Daily Mail reported that ‘Russian and Syrian secret services may be encouraging refugees in Germany to carry out orchestrated sex attacks, in a bid to oust Angela Merkel from office.’ According to the Mail:

The extraordinary assertion was made by an expert from the European Council on Foreign Relations, who said that foreign powers could collude to destabilise Germany ahead of next year’s election. Gustav Gressel, a Russian expert at the think-tank, said small numbers of refugees with links to the Kremlin and Syrian security services could be mobilised to sway public opinion against the Chancellor.

And in a final story, The Guardian published the following headline:

Russian reality TV show to ‘allow’ rape and murder in Siberian wilderness.

The Guardian reports that ‘A new Russian reality show where crimes are “allowed” will begin next year.’ The show in question, entitled ‘Game 2: Winter’ will ‘strand 30 contestants in the -40F (-40C) Siberian wilderness for nine months with the surviving winner receiving a $1.6m prize. “Each contestant gives consent that they could be maimed, even killed,” reads an advert.’

But as the report then admits, ‘the rules also state that police are free to arrest anyone who commits a crime on the show. “You must understand that the police will come and take you away,” the rules state. “We are on the territory of Russia, and obey the laws of the Russian Federation.”’ So, despite the headline, it turns out that rape and murder aren’t ‘allowed’ after all.

7 thoughts on “Fake sex news”

  1. Well, if Russia is considered Satanic, then if you say that you’re attacked by Satan, maybe people will forgive you your crimes, maybe even pedophilia.

    In fact, I think a lot of the current hysteria around Aleppo and similar news is caused simply by the fact that Clinton lost the elections and now they (apparently some pretty big players who have access to important media board rooms) are trying to shift a lot of the responsibility on Russia, maybe to hobble Trump’s foreign policy or to even try to deny him the office.

    Even the normally reflective Die Zeit which takes time to collect facts before shooting its mouth off, had a story with a title “Sanction Russia Now!”, where they disabled the comments, because they would have had to delete most of them as most of the readers think that this is insane. Not a word about the foreigners doing most of the actual fighting in Aleppo on Assad’s side, namely the Iranians or the exact same Iraqi Shia militias for whom the US is bombing a path into Mosul, who if atrocities were committed would be directly responsible. No, that’s just extra words to distract from the Russia=Satan angle. I think if Clinton had won, there would be a very different Russia narrative over the last month.


  2. Each contestant gives consent that they could be maimed, even killed,” reads an advert.

    Ha-ha, Guardian’s ‘journalist’ got impressed by this? Don’t they have liability wavers in the UK? Savages…


  3. With the Bukovsky guy, what’s also ironic, of course, is that the most famous ‘victim’ of Soviet psychiatry, and the most fierce accuser of it, turned out to be an avid child porn connoisseur and collector. Oh well…

    Perhaps we’ll yet witness him declaring himself Napoleon Bonaparte, during this trial…


  4. Soviet dissident, “consciesness of the nation” ™ with good face and cut above your typical bydlo and sovoks turned out to be a sick pervert and a liar.

    The New York TImes, “mouthpiece of the nation” (tm? with them nobody knows) full of journalists and eitors with good faces and cut above your typical deplorables and white trash once again proved to be a supporter of some sick fucker and also a bunch of liars.

    Truth? No one is interested in truth. Strata solidarity is more important.


    1. And just to illustrate that plenty more handshakable people do this:

      The court arrested the head of the department of “Memorial”, on charges of shooting child pornography

      “PETROZAVODSK, 15 December. / Corr. Igor Lukyanov TASS /. Petrozavodsk city court arrested for two months the chairman of the regional branch of the Human Rights Centre “Memorial”, a 60-year-old Yuri Dmitriev and charged him with the manufacture of pornographic materials involving his foster daughter.

      “The petition of the investigator to meet, and use against Dmitriev a preventive measure in the form of detention for a period of two months, i.e. till 13 February 2017”, – ruled the judge Eduard Novoselov .

      Human rights activist, said the judge, is charged under Part. 2 of the article “Use of a minor for the purpose of production of pornographic materials”, which might esult in the imprisonment for up to 15 years. “Dmitriev is accused of taking pictures of his adopted daughter (2005 year of birth), who had not yet reached14 years of age, in the period from 1 March 2012 to 28 September 2015 in the city of Petrozavodsk in order to produce the pornographic materials ,” – said the judge.

      As Dmitriev said in the courtroom, he was detained by law enforcement officers in the morning of December 13th. He disagrees with the charges and does not admt his guilt, because he “did not commit any illegal acts against the child.””

      That’s it. The Free and Independent Western Media ™ must recognize him as the victim of political repressions! And to prevent any such accusations from rouning the lives of shy and modest civil-rights activists and dissidents, the whole Civilized World ™ must be convinced by the paragons of journalistic integrity and liberalism that pedophilia is as okay as now celebrated in the West homosexuality!


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