Friday book # 46: The Russian Roots of Nazism

In this week’s book, Michael Kellogg examines the impact of Russian émigrés on the development of Nazism, focusing particularly on an émigré organization known as ‘Aufbau’. Kellogg concludes that ‘The National Socialist movement developed primarily as a synthesis of radical right German and Russian movements and ideas. … White émigré Aufbau members significantly influenced Hitler’s political, military, and ideological views.’  This is an interesting thesis, but I think that it greatly exaggerates Aufbau’s importance. After all, Aufbau believed in Russo-German cooperation against ‘Jewish Bolshevism’, but Hitler never showed any interest in cooperation with Russians, even those who were willing to cooperate with him.


One thought on “Friday book # 46: The Russian Roots of Nazism”

  1. And for our “anti-book” of the week (to somehow balance seemingly inexhaustible library of “Russophobia 101” of Professor) I recommend a book “The English roots of German fascism. From British to Austro-Bavarian Master Race” (Adolf Hitlers Englische Vorbilder: Vom britischen zum ostmarkisch-bajuwarischen Herrenmenschentum) by Manuel Sarkisyants, where the author traces back many practices and beliefs of the masters of the 3rds Reich (you know – the “eternal” one) to imperial British policy (especially concerning the racial question).

    The book was banned not published in the most democratic and capitalist and free market way in the UK and Germany (since 1950s). He managed to publish it in the countries who were on the receiving end of the Great White Civilization of the West – in Ireland and India.

    Short review. Interview with the author.


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