Friday book # 39: Victims of Yalta

This week’s volume covers very similar subject matter to a previous Friday book – Nicholas Bethell’s The Last Secret – namely the forcible repatriation of Soviet citizens and Russian emigres at the end of the Second World War. Author Nikolai Tolstoy subsequently lost a famous libel case against Lord Aldington (Toby Law), who had been a brigadier in the British Army at the time of the repatriations. Tolstoy and co-defendant Nigel Watts were ordered to pay £1.5 million in damages.


3 thoughts on “Friday book # 39: Victims of Yalta”

  1. “Shame”? For executing traitors? Sorry, I don’t feel shame. I guess there is no hope for – or for the vast majority of Russians – who refuse to “pay and repent” ™ for the “countless crimes of the Bloody Regime” ™.

    What is shameful though – for any decent human being – is that the West did preserve some of them, helped them escape the justice, even emigrate, to use them in their renewed fight against the USSR.

    One of Stepan Bandera’s henchmen, Yaroslav Stetsko, met and shaked hands (thus becoming highly handshakable indeed!) with Ronald Reagan. Stetsko carried out Lwow/Lviv/Lemberg’s pogrom.

    And this is only out of many stories. Shame? Let the West feel the shame – but place it right.

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  2. Yeah, and since we were talking about double-standards here, what about (please excuse my usual whataboutism) one John Walker Lindh, the ‘American Taliban’. Despite his misdeeds being, by my lights, nowhere near those of the men fighting against their country under German command in WWII, he was tortured, and then sentenced to 20 years… He’s in prison now, no doubt subjected to slave labor (allowed, for prisoners, by the US constitution, and commonly practiced in the prison system). Where’s the outrage?


  3. It is apparent that the Anglosphere care not how, or even whether, Russians live, only that the Russian government submit. The Anglosphere care nothing for the 27 million war dead the CCCP suffered in the war made inevitable by Chamberlain’s diplomacy, but are outraged by this & Katyn. This is indicated by the statue in Jersey City, right by the entrance to the train going under the river to New York City:ń_Memorial_(Jersey_City)

    That’s a Nagant rifle sticking out of the Polish soldiers back.

    So the fact that the Soviets did not allow the Wehrmacht to conquer all of Poland, occupy the Baltic States, and launch Op. Barbarossa is somehow such an outrage that there must be a statue about it in Jersey City, New Jersey.
    But the sacrifice of 27 million lives preventing the Germans exterminating the ‘subhuman’ Slavs, Poles & Western Ukrainians very much included, must have no mention.

    What this is is blind, unthinking Anglosphere hatred of any Russian government that does not submit to Anglosphere dictate.


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