Start of semester

Apologies for the lack of blogging this week. This is due to the start of the university semester. In lieu of a post, here are some links to articles I consider worthy of your attention.

  1. Peter Hitchens has an excellent piece in First Things, which among other things contrasts the physical and spiritual degradation of the Soviet Union with the relative hope of modern Russia. ‘Nobody who has seen these things could possibly compare the old Soviet Union with the new Russia’, he writes.
  2. Russian universities have risen up the World University Rankings. Kommersant believes that government support has helped, but thinks that Russian universities have simply become better at gaming the system.
  3. Foreign Policy magazine wakes up to the fact that ‘The war against journalists in Ukraine is getting bloody’.
  4. Bishop Tikhon has discussed his role in arranging a trip of Eton school boys to visit Vladimir Putin. ‘Eton College is an outstanding school,’ he says, ‘The most striking thing isn’t even the ultra-high level of academic training they maintain, but rather the very efficient system of encouraging and developing the schoolboys’ creative talent.’ Floreat!

2 thoughts on “Start of semester”

  1. Interesting articles. I very much understand your position, Paul: my university’s semester began two weeks ago, and since then I’ve barely managed to find time to record notes for upcoming reviews.


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