4 thoughts on “Friday book #21: The White Army”

  1. How well does he write? Pilsudski (or his ghost writer) had some pretty significant literally talent imho.


  2. What’s the name of the original? There are no books by Denikin with name “The White Army”. There are “The Russian turmoil” (rus. Очерки русской смуты), The Old Army (Старая Армия) and The Path of Russian Officer (Путь русского офицера). Plus a number of smaller works.

    Is this book a compilation of all 3 Denikin’s major works?


    1. I’m away at a conference at the moment, so will have to check the book when I get back home on Thursday. It’s almost 20 years since I read it, so I don’t remember all the details.


  3. Now I am home again, I have been able to check the book. It contains an ‘Author’s Foreword’ saying, ‘The book represents a short summary of my work on the Russian Revolution, published in Russian in five volumes.’ As ‘Ocherki Russkoi Smuty’ had five volumes, I therefore take this to mean that this book is a condensed version of those.


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