How to respond to ISIS

On Tuesday I took part in a debate with journalist John Robson at Carleton University on the subject ‘How should Canada respond to ISIS?’ Thank you to the Institute for Liberal Studies for organizing the event, and to Olga Seletskaia for filming it. You can watch the debate below:


One thought on “How to respond to ISIS”

  1. I counted close to half a dozen or more quips/jabs by Robson to the effect that “academic” exercises are worthless, that all these terrible problems won’t be solved in a seminar via “analysis” and/or reasoning, that he’s glad professors don’t go to war, etc. etc. Clearly he has a low opinion of academics, though I can’t see how he might honestly believe journalism is held in higher regard, let alone when it comes to punditry of the sort he peddles (which, incidentally, of course, relies heavily on the toil of lowly academics).

    Since he repeated such snide comments so frequently – plus the “Hadrian’s wall” thing (wtf was that about??) – I really wish you’d called him on it, especially as he seemed to be so utterly and blissfully unaffected by the irony of you being the only solider in the room (at least as far as I could tell).

    Still, kudos for your extreme patience.


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