Friday book #3: Imperial palaces

The third in my new Friday series is a boxed set of books about four Russian Imperial palaces in the vicinity of St Petersburg.

palaces box set

The books contain many prints of 18th and 19th century watercolours, paintings, and engravings of the palaces at Gachina, Pavlovsk, Peterhof, and Tsarskoe Selo. Below is one picture from each of the four books:

green corner room gachina
The Green Corner Room, Gachina (E.P. Hau, 1880)
An outing in front of the Pil Tower, Pavlovsk (artist unknown, c. 1820)
pyramid peterhof
Perspective elevation of the Great Water Pyramid, Peterhof (P.A. de Saint-Hilaire, 1774)
The State Drawing Room in the Alexander Palace, Tsarskoe Selo (L. Premazzi, 1854)

One thought on “Friday book #3: Imperial palaces”

  1. Never been there unfortunately, but I’ve been told, on highest authority (a friend’s aunt worked as a tourist guide there), that Petergof is like Versailles only much, much better… Meaning, in his words: everything’s bigger, and what’s bronze in Versailles is golden in Petergof… Is it the same sort of thing as Vatican in Yamoussoukro?


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