4 thoughts on “Grand Duke Talk”

  1. Hope you are feeling better, Paul, and that while talking about “Grand Duke’s life”, you’ll mention his… deep appreciation of certain ballerinas and actresses talents. 😉


    1. At one point, his mistress was actress Mariia Pototskaia. Strangely, her Romanov connection doesn`t seem to have harmed Pototskaia as she subsequently had a reasonably successful film career under the Soviets. (Unless there were two Pototskaias and I am confusing them.)


      1. No, you are absolutely right about Maria Alexandorvna, Paul. Imagine that! Bloody baby-eating Bolsheviks didn’t murder (and then ate) a well know member of the “formers”!

        Want another shock, Paul? Lyubov Ordolva, Soviet super-star who acted in such movies like “Volga-Volga”, “Circus”, “Vesyoliye Rebyata” etc. – she was a noble by birth (from 2 old and destinguished families – surname Sukhotin rings a bell?). Moreso – her father was a Czarist general.

        Incredible – how 100% annihilating everything “good” and “old regime” Reds managed to spare her! Unless… they were not such monsters as some people try to portray them?


  2. Responding to Lyttenburg here as comments seem to be closed in the original thread – how could you miss this piece in the Kremlin published interview you cited so extensively?

    “Вопрос: что такое демократия? Демократия ‒ это воля народа, люди захотели жить так, как они проголосовали. Для меня важна не территория и не границы, а судьбы людей.”


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