Skinny jeans and the Russian soul

My blogging is a little light at the moment due a fractured hand. So, in lieu of a long post, slowly tapped out with one hand, here’s a new hit video by Russian pop group ‘Leningrad’. In this, a girl, amidst a lot of swearing, sings of ‘Louboutins and f***ing awesome jeans’ as she struggles to squeeze into a pair of the latter. At one point, a person I assume is her mother reminds her that her grandmother lived through the siege of Leningrad. ‘Granny survived, but I’m screwed’ comes the reply, as the girl laments her allegedly terrible figure.

People often speak of the ‘Russian soul’ which supposedly differentiates spiritually-minded Russians from more shallow, materialistic Westerners. Similarly, in the past couple of years there has been a lot of talk about Russians becoming more conservative and turning to traditional values while the West becomes increasingly decadent. Not all Russians, obviously!

9 thoughts on “Skinny jeans and the Russian soul”

  1. “Not all Russians, obviously!”

    Obviously. Westernism and Slavophilia, the two faces of this society.

    I suspect, however, that Slavophilia is – has to be – stronger, more passionate; manifests more determined ‘passionaries’ (per Lev Gumilev).

    And this is understandable: zapadniks always have a choice, they can emigrate to the west and feel at home there (or at least they believe so). Slavophils, on the other hand, have nowhere to go; they’re defending their land, their homes…


  2. Indeed, one clip with a made-up (no matter howplausible) is totally descriptive of the entire Russian population [nods]


  3. It looks like a parody.
    The title of the song “Showpiece” and overall comic action speaks quite clearly of the artists’ attitude towards the main character.


  4. > Professor Robinson posts “Exponat” clip on his blog 2.5 weeks ago
    > “Exponat” now has 31.5 mln. views.

    “Coincidence? I don’t think so!” (c)


      1. Yes, I first encountered it here. But I immediately lost all interest to it, when you, Paul, tried to spin it as some sort of “portrayal of spiritual-less Russians” (that’s called “satire”).

        I decided to finally watch both this clip and some original concert performances of “Exponat” only after one of v-loger that I watch, had it in his recent youtube video. The guy was in Deadpool’s mask, clearly enjoying the “Na labutyenah – nakh!” – and I could ignore it no longer. 🙂

        But, I admitt this freely – it was here on Irrussianality that I learned a new word – “Louboutins”. How could I live my entire life without knowing it?


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