Christmas cheer

Some good Christmas news for the ailing Russian economy: according to Bloomberg Businessweek, the producers of hit Russian childrens’ TV show Masha and the Bear ‘are planning a licensing push into everything from yogurt to burgers to plush animals. … Sales of licensed goods from Masha and the Bear could reach $300 million next year as the Russian cartoon’s popularity soars.’

In case any of you haven’t seen the show, here is the English version of its Christmas song, ‘One, two, three, light the Christmas tree.’

Happy holidays to you all.

3 thoughts on “Christmas cheer”

  1. “According to a report by the British Journal of Phrenology, Russian president Vladimir Putin is not human. Instead, the study finds, he is more likely a fictional creature known in popular culture as an “elf,” possibly conjured up by adults for the purpose of scaring naughty children.”

    1) “Phrenology”. Phrenology, Carl! (c)

    2) An elf ruling overn country of orks? Bah, humbug!


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