Friday object lesson #34: Millions of Scarlet Roses

Years ago, when I was studying at the Minsk Institute of Modern Languages, our teacher played us a song by Alla Pugacheva entitled ‘Millions of Scarlet Roses’. The song is inspired by Georgian artist Niko Pirosmani, who ‘allegedly once filled with roses the square of the hotel where his love interest, a French actress was residing.’ Here then is the last of my June series of Soviet music-related objects: the cover sheet of a CD of Pugacheva’s greatest hits, number 5 of which is ‘Millions of Scarlet Roses’.


2 thoughts on “Friday object lesson #34: Millions of Scarlet Roses”

  1. Paul, feel free to delete this comment; I don’t have your personal email and was just wondering, since you mentioned having been at the Minsk institute for foreign languages, whether you ever worked or studied under Yuri Pankratz. I just remember him as someone I worked with on some project, and I believe he was one of the leading professors at that institute.


    1. Hi Josh. As far as I recall (and it was nearly 30 years ago!) all my teachers were women, and the name Pankratz doesn’t ring any bells. So my answer would have to be probably no.


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